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November 16, 2016
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April 6, 2000
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August 8, 1951
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jNTEtIDFAIC taA d F R I 2000 780083001 S_\ pprove or a ease :1W1 A- CLASSIFICATION 6, ~~jcu..~,l c i s ~-.r,Y CENTRA TELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO. INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY Swain. SUBJECT nLA :CO-rlonarchist Relations 25X1A PLACE ACQUIRE a 10 DA FE OF INFO. T =1C0 told a neetin ; of the Council of 11inisters In late June that he would nGsae Aeu.stin =L107- Grnndes to be his successor as regent of Spain, according to Alberto W TIN Artajo. At a later neetin, of the Council of Ministers on 29 June FBA T O reportedly s id that Don Juan had. to be eliminated as a candidate to the throne becaaze of I:is relations with leftist elements. .PTC0 advocated that Don Juan's 25X1 X son be placed on the throne and that a re,rency be estabi ished. 1 I-MRTIlT Artajo believed that FRA:~1CO was nreoccuried over the problem of succession as he was to un er ;o an operation for hemorrhages of the g^1.l bladder and the areas prior to 20 Ser,ter_iber 1951. 25X1 X 3- a number of unnamed Spanish generals held three secret meet- ings prior to 5 July. During the last meeting they 'prepared a document to be sent to FStATCQ in which they outlined the nroblens facing the repine and their 25X1Xsolutions. The only two 7enerals ho re p c e docuttent were flUITOZ arande s and Pablo VLARTI1`I A].onso. , however, that this was 25X1X 4. Monarchist representatives in Ftnce told Trifon ZZ San Jose, leader of the Partido Socialist- Obrero .snanoi, that -rout of unn~.=aed Spanish generals had delivered an u' ti natu a to FiU CO stating- that unless the United States sent substantial cuantities of aid to Sna.1n before Sentenber they would be forced to talze drastic measures. Trifon (X)I1:Z reportedly net seven tiLies with the monarchist representatives during a short period prior to 20 July. 5. Jose T...~klUUtZ Lopez r.onrirchist lender inside S atn, re-?ortedly w,:s seeing church functionaries, generals, -..nd irnorta:nt financiers in early July. 25X1 A 25X1A activity was ,.ri. indication th,.t Ii~& Z had notj jaiven up his n ans 25X1A NOT CIRCULATE 25X1 X REPORT NO. an indication that a military uprising .against F ZICO was in the offing. DATE DISTR. 8 4tugust 1951 NO. OF PAGES I NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED (BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008300160011-5