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November 9, 2016
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April 30, 1999
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July 19, 1951
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~+:3 f Soviet '..ili tQry : ili}sr PAGES ' -ENCLOSURES (o. & r(FE) REMARKS ....._ RDP82-00457R008300 0 According, to the records of the Ltth 5ribdJ_striet 1ffi.ce of the Berlin. railroad district ,, 60 cars in Potsdam and. 37 oars i n 1ildpark were loaded with troops and ong,:i..neer equj_*,ol ont of Unit "1 f Jar Iv .951 V `.9.)l and dispatched to bernbtu'g,a (1) 25 ~' . g Ony+29 ~Tu3o,a trainofy~4,h.. cars Yvail_ tops teas observed pat the :r'r?ankfurt/0der freight a c , -I.e train came foi3 ~Iubed.! and P.6 oceecL Zbezst aIde,, ;i la.tar y shi rr tints identified f"rorI recorc.< of tire Kiiestrin--Kip: t'> railroad station on 3 June and 1 July included shutt_?;ain :30 103 of tit empty boxcars and shuttle train Jo 113 of 53 empty boxcars tivhzich ca:-ate Snore the direction of I'rankfurt/Qcier ardV__+ t d o per aipexr OR 30 arrd 1.. ~-ua7yer respectively; and a train of 53 boxers da:i_t2~. soldiers which came .f r.-Tara JueterboT; a Fsd went to laxs terrhur on 1 July. (2 ) T}ai1_ soviet leave traffic averaged ,370 so7d:iers goin to re. ,t Litovsk and ~i ,al .3.iers conic from Brest Litovsk durrin, ; the period from 1 to Ju)y, (3) ', litax?y shi:,raents ide.iti.fied frog the records of the i ra-?:kfurt/ikier railroad statlen incl.:xiedr y Na 501 of 5" bx $xcars z ith soldiers en route sror:a Gerdauon to iuben on L; Jul.--,- and t3:kitxttl -txaitt !,,o of Vii; e pt;; boxcar r which carte fro?" . arbig and arrived at r'ra ikf'urt f Oder-tip. t o: u J, ly U4) Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : 8ZZ045 2008 ?D Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP8 - O457ROO8300310006-4 s~ ?rlttu`['/~ is .j 'k iIII LS ?: NLY (4) c.+I C. 1. ',/ CQ 1'i 1~ )L/U3 OFF . ,MI Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008300310006-4