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November 16, 2016
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April 3, 2000
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August 15, 1951
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- Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008300590 COUNTRY Spain/France DATE DISTR. 15 August 1951 SUBJECT Meeting of Spanish Partisans of Peace NO. OF PAGES 1 PLACE NO. OF ENCLS. ?5X1 JCQU!RED , - FIDESI (USTED SEWVW) DATE OF SUPPLEMENT TO INFO. . REPORT NO. REPORT NO. INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY CLASSIFICATION 2D TRl. DWAIMENT GOtiTAi V. IEIFORI.SATIOW AFFRCTIDG THE RATIONAL DSFEEHSE OF TER ISRITitO STATES WITHIN THE QIEANIA5 OF THE 9$PIORA6C ACT 80 U. S. C. 31 AND SA. AS AAIESiDED. 1Tii TRASi4Ql19StOi OR Thi t:EV1tLATtOA OF ITS Cw1DTRUM IN ANY 6ANSIX TO AS SDAMORIZED V1128011 IS PRO- DISiiSD P1Y &AB. R6P.1OD11=00 OF TIt18 FORT 18 PROAISIS:SD. 25X1X SOURCE. 25XM *Except as noted. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 1. A meeting sponsored by the Spanish Council of the Partisans of Peace held in Paris on 8 July 1951 was attended by three unnamed delegates from inside Spain. They indicated that the movement in Spain had 125 committees and 9,270 militants. 2. officers and members of the Council residing in France who attended the meeting were: Elfidio ALP?SO Rodriguez, president (a member of Espana Combatiente) Angel GALARZA Gago? vice-president (also a member of rapaha Combatiente) Amaro del ROSAL Diaz, secretary ( a member of the Communist wing of the Union General de Trabajadoresi) Serafin ALIAGA Llado, treasurer (a member of the Partido Comunista de Espana) PUJOLA (fnu), President of the Spanish Council of the Partisans of Peace in Haute Garonne Josep TOR TS, of Accio Catalan Dr. REIG Beltran (woman) Pedro ARDIACA Marti. representing the pro-PCE faction of the Partido Social- ista Unificado de Catalunya (PSUC).2 3e, Two unnamed representatives from the Confederacion Nacional del Trabajo and three individuals of unstated affiliation, Juan Jose PLA Fernandez, Jaime SELLES Figueras, and Antonio TALTAFULL Flores, as well as representatives of the "Negrin" (left wing) Socialist Party, also were present.