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December 14, 2016
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January 26, 2001
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July 13, 1951
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CONFIDENTIAL' .: . y\~N~,"` C1/ Approved Fbr'`RI''s~ '00 F-.-~ _ 47xTi32 ~a (SriviPt Z_)np. TO ptics.:~r. 25X1X EVALUA16Of'L.,-~ DATE OF C01\ TENT DATE UST'JN -D__ REFERENCES - PLACE OBTAINED-- PAGES PAGES .. ~" ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) 25X1 C 25X1A 25X1A ."- ' : 0'1--h through 12th. VhP 15th and 17th shi i tsi REMARKS ~~~~a_7~?~r a22't~Ze Is t. ~ ?araera~b, 2da and 4th sh _nme nts in .~..,, ....,.~..~.,_.~..ffisw,.~...:..,~_.~..-,.~,aor.."...~.......~..-.-x,~,._. n~ry/yq~yyp'{q. V a`re V .i.olir` Iy ..x.aavwa a.>r. ..-..xwmnur.., am { `Y _ } 25X1A S?: li ta,ry shipments 3identif1ed from records of the Kuestrin- i:`:et; railroad station betvfeen 21 and 29 Lune included: Slnutt1e- rain dap 110 of boxcars with soldiers Shuttle -train. No 115 of er ply boxcars Shuttle-train No 118 of eupty boxcars S +.uttle-'train No 113 of Ir boxcars with troops 4 Shuttle-tra1n. io 114 of 3 etipty, 'boxcars and 20 boxcars with soldiers Shuttle-.train a.vo 10 of boxcars with soldiers Shuttle-train No ..Dg of 53 boxcars with soldiers RDP82--004578 Gerdauen toward Jerbi.g 21 June From the direction of Frankfurt/Oiler to nsterbur; 22 June Frankfurt/O Oder to Insterburg 22 June (1) (2) Gerdauen toward the direction of Frankfurt/Oder 22 Lune Gerdauen toward the direction of Frankfurt/Oder 22 June (4) Derc auc n toward t -be dirceticn of Frankfurt/Oder 23 June ueterbog to Insterburg 23 June CONFIDENTIAL cuss rICt .? r s Ct71`.TF L/ 7a U FFAC i.AIU6 011L Y (6) Document No. _ __ No Change In Glass. Flj Declassified - Class. Ctscrngd To., TS SO Auth.: ~ Approved For Release 2001/03/06: CIA-RDP82-0 7dE0~ 10-2 -By: ---- -- Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008400190010-2 25X1A yT HOL/U8 OFFICIA- .. 2 6h t t1o..traa1n No 114 of 53 empty boxcars rTroop trains of 5 3 boxcars with so? dier,s ain No 107 of 2.r boxcars w -th troops ; h, t 1 tr Lrt No 11:2 of L,`3 boxcars with troops t 3h_it:tle-train NNo 1,1.4 of 47 boxcars with troops 1.1.3 of 53 empty boxcars 26 boxcars with soldiers-, 4 Clatcaa s with AA 7ums and 24 flatcars with trucks sh1.rment-record To 7500 C.,hcattle train No 1.09 of boxcars with soldiers a tie"-tra11). No 1,18 of 37 boxca:~ s with soldiers,, anti 211 em :qty boxcars Dresden to .1.nst:erbtirg 23 June Fran,kf?urt/Oder to c"Gras. tten. C24 June" to Insterburg 5 June (7) G rdauon toward the direction of Franira urtk Oder 27 June (33 Gerdau n tmiard the direction of Frankfurt/Oder ,me: (44) Cottbus to er? c1 auen 27 13J71( to I.ber'swalde 28 June Gerdauen tollard the direction. of Fr ank tpr. t/Oder 23 June (6) Gerdauen tora.rd the direction of ~~ .,t.^t/`Ocher 23 Jar+s, Ohat ,1e {sr ire, No 1-08 of Fr e1 v ra : c to 57 hoxc rs with troops nst .t: 29 tip" boxcars with soldiers, 4 'latca--rs with .$tA tuns and 21 flatcars with trucks s... tent-:r ;cord Ldo 1957 ties : j rde.r to 2' 4 At about 118 4 ; a ,.. n on 20 June 1951, ~ a c f 12 boxcars gin,, _t.h so 3 c? 44e p irrtd 40 toy~Y45 flatcars i th 810--mmt? :.,uns and trues assed th,~ t: j.~.~.:c~nkfart/Odar toOYard Col}.th'f.s, ;-'._,.CONTR+:OL/t, a r F f~ ICI.ALS ONLY Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008400190010-2 Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008400190010-2 25X1A - 3 25X1A (i 25X1A (3) 25X1A 25X1A (4) 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A following Soviet rail shipments were identified from -oc,,)rds of the Frankfurt/Oder rail.oad s tat ion. between 27 and 29 June 1951: =XP_ t P Q ,flatcars with tanks; ; hioment-record Nos Brest Litovsk to Lbersualde 36/4O6o, 86/6439, 36/3479, 27 June (:.o) 36/3655; 36/3454, 36/8422 flatcar with a 35-ton tank Brest Litovsk to Juet erbog 23 June (10) x huttie. train No 112 of 33 mpty boxcars Cottbus to Brest Litovsk 2611 June (8) tlIhuttle--train No 106 of 52 'boxcars with soldiers Brest Litovsk to Rosen.garten 29 June ss the U.SS.R. via Kuestrin on 22 June. ? t ~ras again observed en route to the U.S.S.R. on 22 June it is believed that the train brought recruits from the U.S. .R. ;o the Soviet Zone of Germany in the intervening time. shuttle--tr ain No 1.13 was previously reported as being en r1 A ;,h 1 trainer 115 was first observed in F-uestrl.n on 17 June ,L95.1, en route from to the east, carrying d.ischargees. Since, according to the present rerrort, T .he return of the train on 23 June is reported for the first 1im9. The information confirms that shuttle-train No 113 carded oo ,s from Kuestrin~-border to Jueterbog on 24 June 1 091. See this train was then lispatched to us errnark on the same _ ay. The correctness .~f5X1A Ciro scurces reported that shuttle-train i=o 13 loaded with ;roop s and empty when en route to the L7. S , S . R. on 26 and/or une.