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November 17, 2016
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May 26, 2000
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September 22, 1951
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- ... ? '4 r CLASSIFICATION CONFI uEl NAL 25X1A 69 0 Approved For Rtiewnpi0W11646ApiltERAP82-004R.R0A8?0 N FORKAATIO COUNTRY Chile Alb t1l.01AX 8 SUBJECT Pro-Peace Meeting at Lota, Chile PLACE 25X1A 20y5u!RED DATE OF 25X1A INFO. ' RIE..PORT CD-NO, DATE DISTR. 22 SEPT 51 NO. OF PAGES Z NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 1. On 5 August 1951, at. the Chillanoito Plaza at Leta, Chile, there was a public meeting sponsored by the Provincial Pro-Peace Committee of Concepcion. About 300 people attended. 2. The first speaker was the presidert of the Youth Pro-Peace Committee of Concepcion, Isaac Carrillo, whe asked those present to sign the Peace Appeal of Stockholm. He said that the Pro-Peace lovement united all men of good will, irreepctive of race, religion, or politics. He pointed out that he had been a devout Catholic, as is the writer Gabriela Zstral, who had signed this docullient. Lo denounced the Chilean Government for being interested in sandine Chilean troops to the fields of Korea, but added that this desire had been frustrated by the decision of the people, who do not want' war, which is profitable only to the Yankee imperialists, who are massacring the defenseless people of Korea. The mobilization for world peace, said the orator, was to culminate in the celebration of the Youth Festival in Berlin. Finally, referring to the strike at Schwager, he said that the workers were taking effective measures to reaover the syndicate directorate taken over by the traitors. 3. Fernando Steffens, member of the Pro-Peace Committee of Concepcion, spoke on a document related to the last V4orld kir and the disastrous effects of the atom bomb, especially on innocent peop'ee. He said that the efforts of the Pro-Peace Committee were directed at putting an end to this scourge. 4. Next, Deputy Victor Galleguillos Glatt greeted those present in the name of Communist Senators alas Lufferte and Salvador Ocampo. Then in a long peroration he referred to the Pro-Peace ,Aovement and the necessity for all Chileans to join 4'orces in favor of this movement, which is against the warmongers of the whole world and especially talo Yankee imperialists. Be added that due to the efforts of Senators Lafferte and ()cameo it was almost certain that the accursed Law of eefense of eemocracy would be repealed, in which case numerous exiled worker would be free and the poet Pablo Neruda would be able to return to his country. ao exhorted the workers tc maintain unity through their union organizations, so as to give battle to imperialistic industries, such as the Compania Carbonifera of Lota. STATE ARMY NAVY IFICATION CONFTDBWTTAL n I DWRWUTION IISRB AIRFBI r Approved For Release 2000/06/26 : CIA-RD Document No. ' No elangl Ege 0 CzeLls ' Class. ttz.1 . TS S C 197+ 0045111111b10060004-2 Date: ay a Approved For Release 2000/06/26 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008500060004-2 25X1A .NILL I t4iGLL:CE ? Finally. Emflto 1ejanctro for. both inder, the i Peace Committee o L,o nee pc on, added isk) 6Ae thoilezi of' the ::revi ola -s pen kers ca 11 inr for the forma L.1 on of new rro&:,:eii:d11-terie and ri tiei zin: Yankee impe ri am mee tino: ended vith 1n2.111?; ' the na ,n-Ja an t: Approved For Release 2000/06/26 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008500060004-2