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November 9, 2016
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May 21, 1999
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October 8, 1951
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41e Approved For Releav 1999/09f, : CIA-RDP82-00457R008500070002-3 CLASSIFICATIWAftwo tfROL U.S. CiFFICIALS way 25X1A CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY INFORMATION REPORT COUNTRY Gernany (Russian Zone) SUBJECT Changes in the Status of Soviet 25X1 ZoneA Locomotive Columns PLACE ACQUIRED 25X1A DATE OF INFO. REPORT NO. CD NO. Col DATE DISTR. 8 Octobei 1951 O. OF PAGES 2 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) 25X1A SUPPLEMENT TO See REPORT NO. Comment GRADING OF SOURCE COLLECTOR'S PRELIMINARY GRADING OF CONTENT COMPLETELY RELIABLE A. USUALLY RELIABLE DIM FAIRLY RELIADLE C. NOT USUALLY RELIABLr D. NOT RELIABL E, CANNOT BE JUDGED F. x CONFIRMED BY OTHER SOURCES PROBABLY TRUE POSSIBLY TRUE DOUBTFUL _ PROBABLY FALSE , CANNOT i BE , JUDGED, 1. 2. 5. X . 5. 1 6* TRW Damian CONTAINS IIIFOIFYIATION AFFIRCTOV-ITIN ISATIORIALSSFROST OF TUT MOTTO MAUS IMMO TON SISISICIO OF ASFICOMIT ACT GO 9.9. C..$6 MS SR. AS 11111SODIO.Vu 7IIANSOUIS1021 MI MN OVULATION OA ITN CO/1MM III A= WARMER TO AO UNASTROCIZSO POEISOIS IS POO. AMITED BYLAW. ASITIOOUCT1061 OF TIM TOW IS PAOHISITED. SOURCE 25X1X THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION DO NOT CIRCULAT ThrouetilobvervatiOne and from officica r ailroad re-;:,c, Or (16 that 28 type..-50 locomotfi.vree were pzzrked mar fiucdnitz oia 16 ,hinv .190. . at:ante-am ind.-(tfins iminent employntot of the loc:citaotivoa ;wirTh e, sitive porte of tix) engine 14 I.Ve.rt) protected by oil aid ;,.:;0.31; rode were removed, al 10 June 1951? itw land that 20 locomative3,?, which bad becin kept cold at other placee preBuguably Beeskow or ftuedoit%wrexpoctcd. arrive in Frankfurt/Oder, At 6 m on 13 J:Lne 1951? 22 loconotive3 returnina trout brigade. v.t. the Frankfurt/Oder glar5hz,kling yard, allegedly to be thoroughly ovcrivztA -mr.k would take from 6 to 8 dAye, (3,) (Al 27 May tJ 3(minor repei:c Lihop) la Frankfurt/Oder was ordered to t;,v-,11:.-_,?,f't,A,tu locomotivee with th.0..r assigned caboeeea to Lirest Litovak? Thz.p. notified. that the lo ur locomotive e would have to IVRIB a f.? r ae rve LitevatU further notice.; Tho order VMS carried out on. the. le,v,we If.)43omotiven being kept cold on 3 ?,111:koe 1951 included CAS Ciller 01V e1; 5 6 .6:A..i.3traeburg., Uck4mark. faumerlbp,ger, C6) 27 "? aixt (-) 25X1X 11-wo't4h obeervatton and from. official record3 of the Gottbuv faAroa .quartm'a it wae ascerta:%oed on 29 May 1951 that the locc4o1A,z Oeavtivated Locomotive Column No 9 arvt now being kept (mid t Klinerb fition, 10 km neat of Foret, (7) gra ;?r170:5 official railroad rcird it wae loyarned in id-jurte 1951 that olt. c,f. 70 locomotives parked at the Fr it nkfurt/Oder marehaling yard:, 30 worQ na0.3 r e d3r umti The axle box rodis 'Pfe re beinj. fit td Nowevitio, trI) =1: heOY.,',offl)tAi via9 M1,.:3 not CLASSIFICATION Ix NAVY x I NSRB MR # 0,4111i ; DISTRIBUTION j:RR lerls U.S. OFFIC IALS WIZ Demme t No. No Mingo n El attlz,:n.7 -1. Approved For Release 1999/09/27 : CIA-RDt4b7 bat: 19713 3 CV 5000700W-1"M *Approved F ase 1999/09/27: CIA-RDP82-00457R008500070002-3 Merarlifernil)rit, -U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY 25X1A CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGE= re, On 8 June 19511, the locomotives of deactivated Locomotive Column No 7 were still in Beeskow and Storkow. (9) 25X1A Cont (1) Refers to the locomotives of Locomotive Column No 3 deactivated in the fall of 19910- (2) The intended reinforcement of the four operational locomotive column in Frankfurt/oder from the pool of reserve locomotives is reported for the first time. The information requires confirmation. No indications of a planned transfer of the locomotives parked in Ruednitz and Beeskow have been observed. See paragraphs 1, 5 and 8 of the present report. (3) This ie a routine procedure. After several transit missions the column locomotives are thoroughly overhauled in railroad repair installations.. The departure, on 27 May, of a train of four AWlocomotivee to Brest Litovsk was reported by armther eource. See (5) ?rob . 14fers to the locomotives of deactivated Locomotive Column No 13. 503 (6) The locomotives of deactivated Locomotive Columns No 6 and 12 are parked In Straebur Uckermark and the neighboring Blumenhagen railroad station, 25X1A See . The etatement that 56 locomotives were parked in .5tasburg 's ensiled to be due to an error in transmission or a 25X1A venfusion of source. The two deactivated locomotive columns had a t "45X1A of 56 locomotives, which were previouely parked together in Strasburg. 3ce . Some of these locomotives were later traneferred to t grirg Blumenhagen railroad station. See MIIIMIMMIL nfty-six is thus the total of locomotives perked at both railroad stations. (7) The intended transfer of these column reserve 'ort area was reported in mid-May 1951. See into the Cottbus - (8) This statemeni5i le; ?nnected with a similar report furniehed by another eource. See . The locomotive mentioned are believed to be reser s of operational Locomotive Columns No 2, 4, 5, and 8 stationed in Frankfurt/Oder. (9) RoW146 the locomotive reserve parked there since September 1990. See liedWINCKMAVUS OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 1999/09/27 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008500070002-3