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December 14, 2016
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April 6, 2001
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August 29, 1951
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COUNTRY SUBJECT 25X1A DO NOT CIRCULATE REPORT NO,. 25X1A 1. ! an average of more than 30 " lnik" refrigerator cars are being constructed monthly at the VTDI3 peparation I~flhlrraf,,:anbau (for-nerly the alhelri--Guetlofrke, :'le .mar')-'. Upon co_ pletio:n, they are shipped out of the Soviet .one of Germany. They are all petal cars, produced in the foUoviing three lengths: 12 motors with two axles; lu motors rrith two apes; and 21i. meters pith 4S axles . TI2e refrigerator cars are constructed :?rith 5 r.~m galvanized (verzinkt) steel plate to rfzich 12 mm of sheet rubber is vulcanized. i ro sections of galvanized metal with vulcanized rubber are separated by an u0 mm hollow space rriich can be filled zrith li_qu. d as indicated in the sketch below. Outside s,--f oe Approved For Release 2001/12/04: CIA-RDP82-00457R008500110004-6 ,'ID,NTIAL INYEL MAX ;L birILAI i .,,. CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO.. INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. +melnik" nefrigorator Cars wilt for Russians at 77eimar l:n-.i galvanised steel plate 12 yam vulcanized sheet rubber A CO mm hollcrrr space 12 :~ ai vulcanized shoot rubber r r i galvan -led steel plate mar Interior surface CLASSIFICATION LENTIAL INS, ma-UL Och CI&VU To% TS 3 Approved For Release 2001/12/04: CIA-RDP82-00 Astba # 85~ 44-6 DATE DISTR. NO. OF PAGES r COPr, F I 4' ~j C 7L C 0 P 'TN 29 ~.~, ur t 1l991 Approved For Release 2001/12/04: CIA-RDP82-00457R008500110004-6 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY The hollow space is walled off, presumably at the eight corners of the refrigera- tor car. Ventilators are placed in the top of the refrigerator cars,passing through the hollow space to the interior of the car. There are two ventilators on the 12-meter cars, three on the 18-meter cars and four on the 24-0eter cars, The doors, located in the center of the cars? can be sealed hermetically. 2. a refrigerator cars are constructed of steel plate procured from an unidentified supplier; the rubber is supplied by the Bunawerk :chkopau (SA.G Kautschuk) and the wheel sets are manufactured in Czechoslovakia, The wheel sets come from Czechoslovakia in two sizes, W5 mm German gauge and 1565 min Russian gauge) Russian engineers at the VEB Reparation Ktilwaggonbau in ITeimar place the refrigerator cars on the 1565 ma wheel sets and test the cars on a stretch of Russian gauge track about 150 meters long, located in the factory yard. Once the wheel sets have been satisfactorily tested, they are numbered by Russian engineers, loaded onto boxcars, and shipped to Frankfurt/Oder. The refrigerator cars are then fitted onto the 1435 mm wheel sets and dispatched in an easterly direction, Before leaving Weimar, hanever, the bottom hollow space is filled with a 60% solution of sodium chloride alkali ( ,), mixed with two liters of mercury. The 80 mm hollow space in the side walls, end walls, and roof is left empty. The cars are painted dove gray and bear no markings except the inscription "De1nik",'in Cyrillic. Each car has a narrow ladder at each end leading to its roof. 3. The construction of "Delnik" refrigerator cars was started in October 19b7. The first wheel sets arrived from Czechoslovakia in May 1948. It is reported that 25 to ).6 of these refrigerator cars are produced monthly at the VEB 25X1A Reparation Waggon'oau in eimar, depending on the amount of materials on hand. In April 1951, no wheel sets arrived from Czechoslovaks +as a result, no refrigera- tor cars were shipped from .iimar during this period. if any other factory in the Soviet Zone produces this type of refrigerator car, approximately two-thirds of the refrigerator cars produced are sent to ier,~n z and that one-third are taken to various rail yards east of Weimar in the Soviet Zone of Germany.. 25X1A 1~a the value of one 12-meter "Delnik" refrigerator car 25X1A is 108,400 eastmarks and 'esti,:iates that the value of a 21x? meter refrigerator car is 1989000 eastmarkcs. 5. the wheel sets for German gauge tracks are exchanged at Brest Litovsk for the Russian gauge wheel sets tested in kdeimar by Russian engineers. Comment: Available reference material on SAG's lists Gemcinschaft httringer Arbeiter (formerly Gustloff-Werkce ), Weimar, a railroad car manufacturing plant; an annotation appended to this listing states that it cannot be ascertained if this plant is still an SAG. tNTIAZ Approved For Release 2001/12/04: CIA-RDP82-00457R008500110004-6