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December 14, 2016
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June 26, 2003
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March 12, 1952
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tr PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. CLASSIFICf Aped Fe g82-0045 20034080 2 1 INFO 11 25X1 THIS DOCUMENT COW Ali*S IUFGftiATION AFPRCTIUUG THR NATIORAI. DP,FDEUSE OF THE UIISTEO STAT':`J. FtlIT'II * THE MEANING OP TITLE 18. SECTIONS 79P AND 794, OF TH1 U S. CODS, AS ANENDED. lT8 TRAIISEISSION OR RRVEi.- ATTOtI of ITS Coln 1173 T{ OR RE3:EIPT TO AN UNAUTHORIZED PERSON IS PROHIBITED Bt LAW THE REPRODUCTION OF THIS FONN IS PROHIBITED. THIS IS UNEVA DATE DISTR. I( OF EJCLS di...ISTEo BE:d_.l SUPPLEMENT TD REPORT NO. I UATED INFORMATION 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 1. The stern railroad line from C?oscow to Brest 'Litovsk via V yazrTa, Smolensk, Orsha and ';insk is a double-track., nroae. gauge (1,52 .-min) trunk line which iterrrinatss in Brest Litovsk shere it joins the standard railroad system.. The line is provided 4,ith Type la rails (1)J4.) ties ner 1,O)1 meters of trackage) and a.. semi-automatic block systerii furnished by the aerran firm, Siemens and =Ialske, The line was corhnletely restored t('.W normal service during the period from 1946 to 191x3 I3ui_1 di.r : s were cc.M- Eltru ted &bn.;, the railroad right of way in 1949. 20 (rest Litovsk is the main trarisshippin point (Brest Litovsk II). All goods c transferred by steam rotors and electric cranes. 'ork at the transfer t-latforms was done in three shifts, day and n~_ ht, up to August 1913.9.. At that time enormous quantities of reparations goods (75 percent of the d'is- .rantled work benches) were riled un on the fret-ht nlatfornrs, Conversion of the ''olish trunk line to the, ',-road 7e bean in Brest Litovsk in early 1950. Source was unable to est;.rnate tho- nro ;Tess of the work. 1 eight trains are nulled by TB and S') ' yoe locomotives, passenger- and ox- I x res 3 trains by To and S type 1ocoaotives The orthwestern trunk 1, ine rorn ?i nsk to I?,alinin,grad via '"olodochno, S.nor on, Vilna, Kaunas and Klaineda is directly connected with. the Soviet "one c; Cernany. It is a double-track, broad gauge trzrnk it.nn. The railroad system available in East ''russia was converted to Sovie=t -auggo in, 1946. 7rei-r -et trai.as on this netcrork are oulied by _-1!1 end 3) ty`?e locoMctivos, passenger .nd .(~xore ss trains by IS ;anj..S type loc=omotives, Trains operating on the a11L- 'i n rad run have an average aei: ;ht .'a. 2 p )0') to 2, 50S tons ;, 5., The main line in Lithuania was first orvrcrted tc Soviet ,age in 191s')J1ti0 Type :ia rails are used on this line, The entire line is nrocri.ded ? th a semi--automatic block system furnished by the same 3er