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December 14, 2016
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March 31, 2001
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August 8, 1951
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ev o. ~_..-Z _ jd_ ad, NTR ' ~sc~ aFar~ t = v ~c ~sortc t "' ' - sJ - -- ~.a.>a.~y{1~T ~F1 4".]i./r.. TOPIC Sovv-l2 1.,.litt;-7 "hiryments EVALUAT.ICL #S(-je belt" } ENCLOSURES (NO. flA1T rlF rnE'.i'1`r r r 6 to 19 July 1951 .J/\ IPl P, 10 1 DATE OBTAINED -.D :; E PREPARED- A,,rz7Gf 2 REMARKS.-- The ep pr data figures of $evict leevo traffic through "r t nk-hrt/0( bete en 10 and 18 Ju:l,y 1951 were as fos to :mss , 91 i rsr~rt t arrived in Fraszl? t Ode ., r-Irv nj.,ht. The rim, of theese trains nains c t the, t>rz:~ ?e r Er across ?, at ~~ankfurt~der as fare the railroad ,tat ion was designated a The to ain ; were either ?:Mini de,d j).. Fran i?? to d':~,lar~~~n or JrononfPv1c?c~.'Ta~.. ~ ~ ~~ud~~ or shunted ;, e ne r arriv,~ $ detrained in .:rankf r /oder, were ter porn rs a?u t ? red in the barracks iri ru.:?.atio:,? there an ! returned to the rally road station iLn small groups three or four dz.Y x later I .e~~~t+.~c,r? e on on re I7n~'net v ~,7 ,~r t.ns _,e r xt r later ard ,~'tz1aY' , ~.mecxi IJand 19 J i.y oin',y, three trtr&iri or the aforementioned type arrived in rani?f'txrt/Odcr'r, he number of troops in the barracks L.nstallatio in ;'raa :ft:rtt/Oder? gradually decreased. because the rate. of outgoing shipments" particu' , .r2,-kr toward ard chm f.*.$ continuos ste;4013a whereas `Ili' ' ?c~'~. of incoming shi ey is from the east dratpp?3d;, ~~ ray raJ.ras cl,otxag To 3rest Litovsk wore women and chiidrenr, ' Source Obsemed at the 1 ?'ar cl'urt:fQder railroad station. and l :arned from $>a) riot railroad rovords in Fr?ard-S r* tfOder s: that the number of wostho zid trains wh-jvh passed t hr o, h ran.f..irt/Qder r ,.th soldiers from Brest 4tovr k: between and 114, July surpassed that of eastbound tra:.ns through Frankfurt/Oder during the same period of time,, Prior to the nir'htt of `i t. '121- CONFIDENTIAL Decunient No. .......... ft than:., In !3a1 D Approved For Release 2001/12/04: CIA-RDP82-0 10 July 11 July 12 July 13 ti. g July ' u1.,,.,- 1U Ju 17 July .18 July . -PLACE OBTAINED. F'ro 'are a F, Litovsk 290 280 and 26A) 270 20 and 300 290 and 3C)0 290 and 290 2 -?0 To Droet Litovsk 300 is 230 2-30 270 and 280 x70 2 70 and 280 290 230 and 300 t? 2,, About, one third of the personnel arriTrLng ir3r1 Brest Litovsk -Fore officers who 25X1 B subseep,-tently vent to the Hofbauer K i,Se:rne About 20 percent of the occupants of they 1 ~- ~ t ! . ehm~r _ :a TI S Ha 19-2 0085A0~ 003-0 ~~. Approved For Release 2001/12/04: CIA-RDP82-00457R008500270003-0 OKLY -L -Da; qzA The blue i`'xpress trairs from rest Litmrsk betwecr 9 and 19 July were upa to 50 percent oeetipied which is -axwe the -evious ave)rage,, _bout 60 aovict officers of all. ranks i;at off each train,- According to the. statement of inte`erpreterrs. the officers belongs to the Soviet 'ar Collec'e and -,mere detached to the ~ o riot gone of rte: rratays, Other officers aboard the Blue Epreas tr Who were re-amrzi from leaves re a. _ ;roc on the train and wen',- to ports th : Soviet Zone of Germany. Comment, Compared -i-th information coveri.n. the period from 's -:Ci ' b' T tie same souy-c,,3,a leave traffic .frori and to i)rest 25X1 C k decreased between 10 and 18 Ju7.y,, Ccomnent, The Ilo auor b~:.sernne in Frankfurt.., er is known , { +ry y fr ~9,p.. 1.11A 57.L~ ..e'li for ~/??.~.i.r~.F,~.? i.~l'. 25X1 C Cortraent., The ir~forz. tiorj.. is submitted. wih reservations e;r aus?; thehave been 1,10 indications that t"'-