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November 16, 2016
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April 19, 2000
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September 28, 1951
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25X1A CEMT-\AL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REP 3 'r NO. 4rd MUM -R %Vp860 3-2 CD Nt0 'SUBJECT.- Bditori al C-ultura Limitada 25X1C ''LAC E . ACQUIRED TOMB 8ola.noaf the owner of the premises housing the Colombian Communist Party' : print shop crap d 11 ditor?ial Labor"o has dfti.anded pey::}cnt of the 81000 P3808 'which the Party owes hip for 20 months' rent, A3 t.hoa: 9ji Solaro 'tats not yet taken legal Steps, he has stated that he will PrOvDn.t the Communists from re-moving the equipment from the premises until ? .he above ;zentjoned sum has been paid, To date, the. Communists have been udasuodesLfu1 in their efforts to sell th.e qtq aipn mit, which,, according to a copy of the inventory of the Editorial C?altura Lij;Atada4, consists of articles evaluated by the.Coamur'ists as follows; 2 /,,i:no ypes Model 14 24,000 1 :Fold:..ng Press - Augusta 15,000 1 Page (.,,,utter 1,500 I Pedal +ti oher 600 1 Ton Linotype Lead 2,500 47 '.rpo ''twat w 2,000 5 Table ,',f for Assembling Type 400 1 Cuttex, and Corner i%ahine 100 1, f ecp1 l:e for Imposing, 200 6 Qalltky..;Iices 1/4 and 1/2 page 200 14- Ca1 11a;: a 200 I # arr w :t tea Rotor 300 1 Sack ,:otallio Proofs 200 I .t soan,a:' y Table with Cabinet 500 2 a/r it-in& lAm3ka .100 2 Molds for Casting Rolle 150 2 Large '.c' tla.les 200 14 Type Cases and Board 90 4r, T pesos Car= 4ut; The Party's financial difficulties have been nrevio.u y reported. CLASSIFICATION cokj-ID~sjjfjAL rCA 110 jdj }ll }'~{~ J ff T?g. S C .~l6v u: i~R WY9.Y X34 ~~~~ ?'~. Byj d4aca 1)11171 M_ Date; DATE DISTR. 2 NO OF PAGES o NO. OF ENCLS. c~ ,..~.. (LISTED BELOW) '"~ GS? Approved For Release 2000/06/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008600060003-2