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December 14, 2016
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December 11, 2000
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September 27, 1951
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25X1A P t f ' i . - - , N D , r'i T ,JGO rri lY, - 1? `, r`+v-.-~ 'r r. +/y Approved For ReIT.ff 'IT Oi'~ /~p , A PC 2-00457M~ On I UFO ATI RE- PORT CD K. COUNTRY Indochina SUBJECT Democratic Republic of Vi.etnan Officials 25X1A a. tTng Van Khier, currently stationed near F Gia, 1,3 jee eaary of tk'e Comrunist Party of Indochina. (PCI) of Ir to wsector "III and Cor issar for Internal Affairs in Cochinehina.1 b. Le Duo Tho, a PCI representati??e in Cochinchina, is currently in the ^7 nine des Jones near ',ytho.2 He arrived in Co Jhincbina in late 1949 or early 1950. c. To My, a Sino Vietnamese, is considered a "second rate" Communist and is highly disliked by Le ihaan, Secretary General of the PCI In Cochinchina. Both To Tyr and his iriediate superior, Iran Van Tra, resent Le Dan, whom they regard as an interloper.3 d, Truon-g Van CGiau is not a nember of the PC1 and occu )ies the figure- head positir'n of inspector of Troops In Cochinehina'14 - 1. MMWM_ ent. According to a DRV radio broadcast of 23 August 1950 25X1A , , Rhienm was a orw,issar of the drain- strative ard L_esistance Conr^ittee of Cochinchina at that time? 2. Cora nt. A Voice of South Vietnam broa dcast of 7 Ju ne 1951 25X1A named Tho conference as Lao Dong of the Den Party (PCI) representative t ocrati.c Party. o a Ccchinc hi na 25X1A 25X1A 3. Come ent Previ ous ref (en to these nd' 4 a v A, 1 i as s rsa de in 4. Corr7+nt According t which also states t'? t h 25X1A is not a m ember of th e PCI, Giau was cor andcr of Tntersector IX a e as of bbruary 1950. L ARMi AIR geIn Cia F, Bsclw~siktd glass. Changed Ti o: IS S 0 Auth.: HR 70 2 -- Date: ___L4L_pI~ .R By: .a2 Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA- . DtSTRtBUTtON N~Rs 14 _~~ In Cochinchina DATEDISTR, 27 NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED E FLOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. The following are Democratic Republic of Vietnam (MV) officials in Coehinchinas CLASSIFICATION COrl'IDET'TIAL/COHHTOL - LT S 0FFICIAI ONLY