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December 14, 2016
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December 5, 2000
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July 17, 1951
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K.Y Y on (~~c~'n 25X:1 C . }:Vi"1UATION_.. 25X1 C .1A E OF CO`TfENT- Di E OBTAINED 25X1A .. ERENCES.m.. _. RE F- 2 REPORT NO.- E OBTAINED--z .PAGES.-..... _R _ _._.,s.ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) us 10 A ng v df/..L wv~1 Paragraphs L0 2,a and 4 cawed on R"1.?tf~ 6CS 25 L, No troop trains were seen .using tairou-h gut strin-Kietz between 5 and 20 July 1951. 2O No troop trstins were observed at the 'rauatcrr.ork railroad station betweon 19 and 27 July, 3. The appro r ir.ato fit ures of soviet leave traffic through Frankfurt/i .er between 25 and 29 July tivere as follor7dng: To Brest Litovsk 25 July 220 and 250 220 and 220 26'July 230 and 200 200 and 220 27 July 250 and 2110 200 and 260 28 July 240 and 280 2 70 and 220 29 July Soldiers arriving from 220 and 230 Brest Litovsk were predoa in 180 and 200 ,ntly air force personnel. q~- I source laarra,ad from a railroads .n at the Frankfurt /Oder railroad station that brsuecat on 22 July? Fourteen of the. trucks were nu beret 8 AA 'guns and 2t trucks., siaipmant--record No 75253.9 arrived in C,ienn .tz from 1(ocnx,r,,3- as pax ob ,ervations by source, a troop train of 4 coacaaess 1 boxcar and 1 fla c- trains -with military, each consisting of about 50 bosxcars, passed two through the Frankfurt/(,ear railroad station on 22 and 23 Jui r coning iroan Dre:Ij Litovsk and proceeding toward Cottbus? kccordina to the records of the Che aitz railroad subdistrict office and f p t . th - 6, `Brio trains of L. coaches and 11 flatcars each shipnent-re cord Has 75251 and CLASSIFICATION Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : Cl e 0017UIFO 6' : CIA-RDP82-00457R Document No- ----------- No Change in class. !""""1 IV9,.. , ^ ^ , x11 ..,i I ,:..~;~ clam Dhost To, ii 3 j1R!&M&j860Q10001X_ 9 Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008600100010-9 25X1A 752.2 resp ctively passed through the Chem nitz railroad staatio on 22 July. They carried an undeter.,uned number of troops with of about and trucks which were marked with a -ar;e X or C o Eleven of the trucks were nurred. 25X1 C '.1 he t4 oops wore red -bordered black.. epaulets. The trains car- from 4 rz sbrueck and want to Johanngeorgenstadt and ScI1arzexrberg ?es e wtiv ly? Two pore artillery pieces were loaded on the latter train :=r2 Th nr jtz4 in : J v,, a troop train of 10 boxcars and 26 flatcars with an undet nr,u, rnu bor of 76.2