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November 16, 2016
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April 19, 2000
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August 20, 1951
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25X1A Approved For Release 2~'dOC~6l jN V}f"0457RO08600130001- COU TR'i G 1 :: ,n..~ix POR 2 X EY~ALU egadA{}IO ..._~.,.~_..:.. i ...ww.?w...ES.- PAGES-?._.,-.._ENCLOSURES (1140- &' SOURCE i us . 1951 AL. TE PREPARED? 20 -#/3? 0 Or=. 1 A~. runt 19"1., only one ?: aildirz,~ of Vie bairracm, __ :s ~;A l ~:ti: on on .rueck- etrassy, :'a debar (wr 53/Y do) :acv occu ied, There were about L.00 troops mt l~ art: 1c:~r;; iris iLr ~ a oat there v. ao is re red-bordcred black epau lets ~" 'fie o: then rx+ :~e tit: two otl~c?~ x'tl~ durr~,ed b.xild:irzf"s c~.'"` the r;;~.a1- l?:t:i.en tro'r?t beln reconditioned. 28 Ox: I the barraa:;s irrstaL at:Lon on Turrsehansonetr sso o abol: 70 Per cent oocupi , d by troops:. costly y oun ., criio wore red-bordered. black epaulets o A omit of ? officers and. about O nen ca, i yh:iL; rifles was seen ~a:x?ch nr out of the bilietin , area, Two soldiers with field telephones 25X1 C tee,ted the tole?ohor;e lines ior3 T'u3 r,2sck,an nstrasse.> 25X1A 25X1 C 25X1A 25X1 C 3. On 1 those buildings of he Anger Xa err e on Jeri.chov erstra.sse t: ich were visible #rora the street se er o to be occupied beyon capacityY. Troops observed 'vo e red-bordered black epauiet.s with artil cry supply and sii.:nal u nto,. About e;O x:er cent of ten were. recruits. Veil Iles observed at the Coa ; it rttn I robably the 11acl-xichtem 'K ser weer ::bi eh is believed to quarter cc9:~~e~nclzt5 oif the 573(2)d ;*ort R ?Wt of the 19th (ci = acz Div,., The ins lla- t:.on was probably occupied by recruits at, the tie of Observation. The conh it un t rort the i.ns ~:allat' on is believed to iav ; been at Detalirag I ~ ixzce 27 1pril 1951. of nt0 he tAstallaa on probably the Seeck aserne be3lievec quarter ei na . units and 1,ea . quarters unit; of the x t r L hoo P possibly '1. took transport unit of the am W. ^CoBi n:nt0 The ins ..al1a ~;i.or, proLabl he !I nd ibur goer ne, Is ba- by headqu , ers s r ' the ihirc Shock Array and 25X1A pcwstbly}?, a supply unit of the as yo Lost of L1,10 vehie,7 es r;en viorxed in the preserrc report belong to headquarters units of. t e 7hird Shock Nrrry and some to the Ili Third, Shock :Irny and the 3rd Gds /A~.- I iv, CLAS.SIFiCATION CONFIDENTIAL Document No. -----------Q-------- No Garage In Class. 0 o Dselasslt@ed Class. Charged Tot 1$ $ 0 Approved For Release 2000/06/08 : CIA-RDP82-0 !4th?: 7C- Z - {008 _ 1