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November 16, 2016
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May 12, 2000
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October 15, 1951
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liaiLfifAX 24 1Jk Ap.provedForWeSaltell-PA6/W:11CM-4611,42-00457R008800090004-6 \CENTRAL INTEUIGENCE AGENCY' REPORT NO. 25X1A ' INFORM TION REPORT cD NO. ' Confederacion de Jovenes :exicanos 25X1A 25X1X 95, DATE DISTR. 15 Oct 51 NO, OF PAGES 2 NO. OF ENCLS. irngr ,r10 COOSSiNs itifooSIST1011 APPSOSISIO SST NATIONAL DeplISSE ot1/1110 vitrIlifi TflSSIStanino OP TUB Sup1011iten itsli SO r. AMO IR, Antauto, Twit:ma/Am on MSS REVULASIOis tTJ tiltiMrcs P.W1 ISANNIZIt TO ft ONAUTSONIZSD POWs is PRO. 11-1;775:, EpPi. ligIPMAY:StOrd Or VIM SOSO Is iononists160. 25X1X vs4swa.,lair Tws?AISIS: ilspr A11,1 PlYN The Confederacion de Jovenes :exicanoe (CE.) has been extremely active lately. In addition to selecting and sending delegates to the ierlin Festival and the tareaw conference, it ha& taken steps to reorganize its groups in normal, rural, and vocational schools, and in the Instituto Politecnico Nacional? 2. In co-operation with the state committees of the Partido Popular (PP), the CJM is preparing numerous meetings throughout the country to re-activate its present groups and to form new groups? 25X1A The =vs most important task at the present tlue is to prepare for its TV 25X1A Aational Congress, which will reportedly take place on 16 October 1951 at . The organizers of the IV Congress are: Salvador Gamiz Luis Torres Ordonez Samuel Ruiz !"ora Hector Roses Carlos Pascual alliZ Baudelio Alberto Canul Plana for the IV Congress are under the supervision of Vicente Lombardo Toledano, who reportedly approved the following points which the CJ 7 will discuss during the Congress: ae Co-operate in the 'peace activities and in forming brigades for the collection of at least 100,000 peace signatures supply propaganda ex- plaining the need for peace to the youth of !'exico; be ready at all times to assist the 7exican peace movemente be :'aintain the fight against imeeeialism? particularly U.S. ieperialms meetings for the purpose of denouncing the U.S. as an aggressor nation and an enemy of faxico. c. Unite with all allied organizetions throughout the world, particularly with the .:orld Federation of Democratic Youth (sFDY) and the Inter- national Students? Union (ISU). d? Plan action against the Secretoriat of EducAion in support of better. living conditiens for students in, boarding schools. CLASSIFICATION CCEFIDTL,L iltsereee5: ; NAV. NISRB T DISTMUVON mmv IATR? -F-81 5'rf i'erAti 1 . Approved For Release 21000/06/08 : CIA-RDP82- Document No. No Change in Class. Declave.fied RAMPAPPAR4441 s 991. lAt- 1978 By: 24 Approved For Release 2000/06/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008800090004-6 25X1A e, Conde= the Federacion de Fartidos del Fueblo -exicano for attepting to draw sup art from the CJs rank and file and plede loyalty to the IP, Support the basic 21.1tform of the ir Cooperate with thell in its eresidential campaign. h. .:ork for Ilet or coadAtlons for youth in all walks or lifev such as students, peasants A working class, 1, Fight against st,-.?nd t,ken by the U,S, in :(orea; sup!lort ,ted China in its otruvle, port .exicos economic inde7endence and its lndustrialiv,atoi, ?,:up:ort the In'opelidcnt mowiment of all colonill neo:des: 1, at' of the ,ecretnrl'A of c,ucation to keep students out of politics, m, Croce re-election, The 1'1 Congress will open it a declonstration ud:ainst Lhe S.ecretal-iat of Lduca- titan, recucc for lar or subsidles to techn:.c .1 schools ill e liude at that ti Approved For Release 24000/06/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008800090004-6