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November 16, 2016
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May 12, 2000
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October 1, 1951
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Approved For Release 2000/06/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008800090007-3 CL.ASSIFIC 10N `Enrol, .- M.- OFF1C1.,L6 ONLY 25X1A CEN e&N'` NTELLIGENCE AGENCY IFRJTIO R?. COUNTRY Spain/France SUBJECT ' Status of Spanish Repub3.icans in France 25X1A c:a I. The status which exiled Spanish Republic na will have in France if the succeeds in bringing Spain into closer touch with western defense. act3viti~s - is becord:r g a matter of increasing concern to the exiles"> The Rpublicans felt that with the completion of a Sparui eh--American accord, France. and GreJV. 3ritaip, forced by the pressure of American dollars, would reluctantly accept Spain into the :';estern bloc. According to Jose 1ALLj ST:~R Gozalvo, President of the faction of Izau i erda Republicana which supports the Government-in- exile, the French government may be forced to refuse further hospitality to the Spanish exile government, In that event, 13jiLLi .S ,R, the exile government would operate as a Junta Revo.iucionari.a Clandestina, eithor from Paris or from sc;nie other 1+-.ore clesirat-la point in ?''Fr?nce. 2. B L?:a ;ST vK said that he wac viurk 7 ng with French Socialist Deputy .nd foxier Labor 1.inister Daniel L I.YFR, who was ;ire wring a rc,;ort on the Spanish question for the Foreign Relations Comiujittee of the Chbmber of Depuuties.. BA1 L%' `r11,kt sunu.aarized. the arguuents which he riiz!s e Lp#aasizing as follows: a. Negotiations between tho U.S, -- kd T -UMO were politiceilly unwise, b. In m icing a bilateral. Pact, with F.E' 40U, the U.S. would be making it 1 i virtually without opposition, 17 a ra;, in case of `war, it expected the USSR to reach the Pyrenees c. If in fact the Russians should reach the Pyrenees without difficulty Efl NCO i J ?wcu . be the first to abandon the strug le. If the Russi" i rmy should re..,ch the .f'routiers of the Spanish pe l r op ez ~r oul d eceive a.t as their liberator from the: 1-'Ui X0 regime. The U,8,, ,f.r} suggesting the defensive capabilities of the Spanish army as an excuse to treat with I''f, i,:.CO and -id the army is lowering the urrml of the French nd British pecople. its long as F sNC0 is in utterer, the Spanish i rrzy will be too to. CLASS I FICATION No Change In Class. ,El (CONTROL - U.S. OFFICL ?i ONLY Approved For Release 2Q00/06/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R REPORT NO. CD NO. DATE DISTR. 1 Oct. 1.9$1 NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. SUPPLET4ENT TO REPORT NO. Fo . TS Auth.; FH I .F;-2 o s... n A1 i G 197