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December 14, 2016
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May 27, 2003
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September 12, 1951
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-' .C1.AS4 iy 1CA ION Ave For e ~.o?F, vne Scent Nail Jeioveraenta ," E OF CON ENT,. `7 Jul-,,,,r to 26 August 1951 DATE. Ok/"aM NED.~ -.Y-T. R El C IS 25X1 25X1 25X1 2g Beg. wiit 18 Auk eta source observed 20 to 60 oviet a? ? force s '[P.- and c p tins era: vtirarr da' ` --ENCLOSURES E?o. &APE) 1a HO westbound or eastbound Soviet troop 5hil5nonts v~ere observed iv. `rankfu t/03er and Kuostrin b tween l8 and 26 August 1751,, 25X1 a i:, anl:furt, aboard the j~ lue 1 cpres and t rr~ up qw rte rs in t e barracks ins l atjon on Au ust I3oI~1 ,trasse . Large cjuantit.ios of br1d a buildin7i oquiprannt were detrained in Ziaerstenwalde the second half of August, The unloading work being done by ovi t soldiers in e'xclu:3ively, (1 The fr3 oTqjz1 l gave traffic of E oviet militar r. n wo y troops iratxlatc s ng about 10 percents n; ., was observed in Frankfurt/Odor from 16 to 20 Aug is Date To Brest Litovsk 16 August 200 17 August 270 18 August 220 19 Augur t 240 20 August .220 5) 210 200 2 20 220 210 Prom best Litovsk 220 220 210 300 2240 230, 180 210 230 220 (2) The. following Soviet troop trains were obse veci one the bens aldta oustre t `t.i betwe-.;n 27 July and 20 Au to Approved s$, 25X1 For Release 2003/08/12 : Document No. 1---d N. Change In Class. -- ------------ 0 Declass3fisd Was. Changed To: TS S C 4%8002400 8 2 25X1 8/12 : CCX~P82-00457RO08800240001-2 25X1 Date Nturbor V of TEL-) s 27 Jlly 32 Infantry 2 Aug 27 Artillery :13 Aug 29 Infantry 14 Aug 18 Artillery ''Q Aug 27 Infantry From Joac1thisthal Eberswalde T'enplin Ebersvralde Templin I'7e-Istrelitz Merswalde IJeuzstroi itz PJeustrelitz Ebors ralde {i.) . Idecrease in tho rate of Soviet troop shiprion2ts for the period from he begi_nnin of r:ugust until 20 :quo st was reported fro,-) 'te,iclal and 'rust, rr r p Flatcars and special railroad cars wore side-tracked at both .w' ilroad stations in and after the r,dddle of Iiugust, 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 0 I Cora enzts. t:.} ~. he b'1 c' 8 bu'~3c'i its rca cores ?gas ;Drabat>l}' IZa?.. , equipment depot in Kets,cho dorf for storag eg tlecl is cl,e :n irz.~er $hc volume of leave traffic does not substantiar"ty difxe- from, that 5peci ied I v _ _ , - (c} ze no 'mine of 3.2 I~1u Est r,;entioned E n, thCorp- Present re Port `~rol_,ablar carried artillery comoonc 'its of the 117' hich is ru,.c to an unideat ' .G' gar Z J.oryr unit in r#a,.,de.1bu