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November 16, 2016
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April 24, 2000
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October 24, 1951
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Aproved For Release 2000--j...~,.~P82-00457R00890 IRV CENTRAL RMN"RICY INFORMATION RE-PORT COUNTRY Italy SUBJECT Radio Prague Broadcasts on Italian Developments 25X1 A,,, PLACE ACQUIRE DATE OF INFO. REPORT NO. CD NO. DATE DISTR. 24 Oct. 1951 NO. OF PAGES 2 1o Radio Prague reportedly retransmits the news commentary,, "Today In Italy" which it receives daily from Italy. At the Partito Comunista italiano (PCI; Italian Communist Party) Directorate on Via Botteghe Oscure, Rome, there is an office where day-by-day information of all kinds is gathered, selected, drawn up, and put into a bulletin destined exclusively for cer- tain organs controlled by the PCI. This bulletin includes information which is used by Radio Prague. 2, Persons who contribute as "producers of information and editors of infor- mation" area a., Alfredo Reichlin, born at Barletta on 26 May 1925, chief editor of and director of the weakly &r Lna Z M Qta a, er n Democrazb Po olare, lives at 71 Via Alessandria, Ram; b. Gino Bardi., born on 12 June 1907, naturalized American citizen, although recently it seems that his American citizenship was annulled, director of the Telepress Agency, 38 Viale Giulio Cesare, lives at 4 Via Gavinana, Rome; uele Rocco, born in Rome on 25 August 1922 editor of , fervent Communist, lives at 7 Via S. Valentino; do Gino Pallotta, Political Vice-Secretary of the PCI Section of Salario, Rome, member of the Rome PCI Federation,, IF- of the recently formed Italo-Rumanian Association, among other things he,, assisted by his wife, has the task of gathering po- litical information; e. Francesco Longo, editor of y2i , assigned to the compiling of informational texts dealing with foreign policy only; f. Luigi Longo, Junior, born in Tiflis, U a 3R, on 3 March 1923, married to a Russian citizen, Tamara,,Lisizian, member of the TASS Agency, lives in 16 Via Mingazzini, Roam; :CONFIDENTIAL DoolassiCed Class. Changed Toe TS Approved For Release 2000/06/08 : CIA-RDP82-0 0#fl. 'Byt Approved For Release 2000/06/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008900080004-6 `CONI'IDEN~YAL, 4 m CENTRAL XWr'ELLIGE'NCG AG. GY 25X1 A Ezio Taddei, born in Leghorn an 2 October 1895$ Anarachiet- Comaamnist, Informer of and the PCI, lives at 21 Piazza Monte Vecchio Rome; and hq Pier Luigi Battietrada, born in Ascoli Piceno on 18 July 1925, former student in Rm at Communist expense, lives in Pragm where he was sent by the Central Directorate of the PCI to the Propaganda Center of the Cominform, as editor and reporter in the Italian language, brother of PCI activists, Franco and Lucia -Manljo Battistrada. The Information is diatrIbuted daily by the PCI to organs of the Party and to the following organizations a, Telepraasss agency,, 38 Yiale Giulio Cesare, Row, has an authorized transmitter and a branch office in Prague. The copy for Telepress in consigned to Gino Bardi, The agency is a branch of the Agenzia Nazionale StwVas, Asssooiata (ANSA; National Associated Press Agency) which replaced the Stefani agengr in 1942 and which w founded by PCI elements. TASS agen+cV, 4 Via Uaria Adelaide, Rome,,, is in contact with. Radio Stmvpa, another off-shoot of ANSAI, Copy is consigned to, the editor. 0m Soviet Embasssy, Press Attache Nihau Rogov0 It is not mown how or by' whom the bulletin is picked up or delivered at its destination., 4e The bulletiia,, once passed to the above organizational, is exploited for transmission behind the Iron Curtain with all possible means, including costmanioationo or integration of radio-transmitted news regularly issued by Telepress and Radio Sttuupan TASS agency In particular uses Radio Stang In 1950 it spent 70000,000 lire for such services. 5- The `Soviet ,weeny and the PCX directly prowide news to Radio Prague by means ofthe 1r own, The Soviet Embassy has powerful stations,, The exist. enoe of a radio station In the PCI is still confirmed by reliable inform. ants, The PCI also has available Communist radio amateurs,, regularly registered or clandestine., who are in a position to furnish Prague with all interesting informaticn? 6Q Professsore Gaetano Napol.itano, who was bound to the interests of A1TSA, opposed and succeed in blocking the project for reconstruction of the UarAnt agency when it was being taken up in Parliament. The POI was the 01119 political force In Italy which had any interest in keeping the ANSt at ivea The PCI won with or without the help of Professor Napolitano, The PCI not only succeeded in stopping the rebirth of Stefani which would have abosrbed ANSA but also created ,through ANSA,two new agencies, Radio Stave and. Telepress 4 These two agencies today are Instruments for normal and clandestine transmissions for the Communist cause, and therefore, against Italy. Ia 25X1A 25X1A For further information CODENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/06/08 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008900080004-6