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November 16, 2016
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October 26, 1999
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October 23, 1951
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.? Approved ForReleattpR,RCLIMME183r,WOR008900W9p74No, . . . iNFORMATION E PO RT "/,TELL.OFAX SUBJECT Air Activity in. tbcinuiju. Area 25X1A DATE OF INFO. April - sarly Aust 1951 25X1A f'VjE, !:;ISTR 23 OCT NO, OF PAGES 2 NO. or ENCLS, (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. I1( 25X1X 1, In mid-Aprda 1951 at Sialaiju airfield there were but 70 SzTlent Yak fighter. 30 Soviet light bombers! and a Lou Soviet hocvy and night (cie') bambern and training planer. In the hillside Oit the airstrip about fifty uor,, being nacd as hangars, The entrances the choltorLJ Mit cawatiaged uith rope ncttingt and a guard um, stationsd in frmt of each cave, Other tave6 the hill similarly camouflaged confined stores of tr,mmunitIon and fuell, Revet- ments for aircraft uero constructed of 'eau filled vitb earth at varict:r place around the airfield and more covered uith rope rettinc, A tard van pcsted at caoh:, and a ground crow of throe or four persons vas at each rev-etre-a the craft for flight or *oil notice. Tho color of the planes in those westmentz oas light grean. About 400 North k,:oab sr* personnel ne:o being employed in April to dig caves and other similiar sheltors at to Yield, 20 In rrld-Aprile OA a hill about 4000 motors east of ti.2 iiu airfield, aa aL- force ning beadanarters was Ln a how? surrounded by a rcdSbnce. The houza man also used as a billet for 1,0 air force personsal. Beginning? in nareh 19514 6=i,a civilian homes in the vicinity of the alrficil and in to from Yordae-dahg 406,4 (UIr 0681) to Sokha (124,47,. 40-04) (IE 2.43) and 114poi-d*ng (12.4,-35 39-33) (XE 3316) were taken over as Vilets for air foroo personnel, The primary school facing the SolhusTailroad station urr.:4 tha Ilcad,-pPJters of ar atLi1ozmain:to:La:1w units) and an old zinc-roofed building, formrAT a rioo refinery, about 500 east of the primary sohoole had been converted into an air foreo repair inLtnii.ation, F-4 30 In mid-April 80 percent of the Pilots f1y1r4; 410-15'n based a t th!, Antuas Imre Soviets, and the reaminipg 20 parceut Mines? Coreita:Latsc, 4, in Junov three to roar airirtft daily fisv Slnuiju airfild from a Manchuria. Houaver. on the rorning ofUi econd day rftor tc caase-fire had begun 10 3ayv tuo groups of 30 jots each flei L thn &rij fidd anl early Augnet the groups mere still at .t.te fj.Cd, caziy PAIgcLt ther ;e :3 U-shaped revetments of stmly bags fthoc3 sith earth at the Sinniidairfieid each revetment there Inas a plano? A SsTici sAi31ery unit, strougth afout, menv lias then at the airfield, CIASSIFICA1104.'l ? - lEctIRITY INFORMATION SATt 'J usai I DESTRIBLI1 C -1 4; loT icji. ,A ARMY FBI C ut, v21. Li Document Nch No Change in Elass.0 Uneciessrified Class. Changed To: TS S 0 ' Aotha HR 714 Approved For Release 2000/04/18 : CIA-RDP82- 044414ROO'' . 4 AAA BY: 1221- I of - I CT UJ Approved For Release 2000/04/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008900140009-4 CENTRAL I -92MLIGENCE iCxEtICY 25X1A ? 5, By late Jtly a rtcro. 'airstrip at. KOS.:!ZZ..,ri it itozor4,A4n4ro C124-273 40-07, 24.1a) had berm completed,:. but in early ..,.utgust there uer? no .planes at the field, C0171:11TIAL Approved For Release 2000/04/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008900140009-4