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December 14, 2016
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January 5, 2001
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September 24, 1951
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"'"--e`e ditlie.20.0191/06 , ;FiRpo Tdpi& Senri.At thei.,+; ART, eeteetk telebeleelielaile T1 25X1 A 111.1?,o ravir-/ Vrivo#, ?Tra ,?? 'EVALUATION ? ? ...--PLACE OBTAINED ? .DATE, OF CONTENT 25X1 A DATE OBTAINED REFERENCE 2 PAGES--ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) -- DATE PRE r!,c4,11rizin.rilvwpm, rie,1 r, 773 ? 71 25X1 X EN GIEN LAT E SOURCE 1? 25X1B 25X1 A 25X1B Unit was the main office of a maintenance unit and as located in the former Buessing plant at 59 Linkelatrasee, Leipzig N 2& The office as the superior agency of Sour plants? narrolyipthe Buossing plant in Leipzig the Keene:am plant in Leipzig, the Goetze plant in Apolda and the so-called Viurzener plant in ,lurzen. (1) In 1950. 256836 hours were worked in the four plante altogether, whereas 22,770$549 had been worked in 19/19u 441e funds t the wages were remitted directly from Potsdams 1.....1.111. (2) Surplus replacement parts manufactured in the plants 25X1 X were shipped to the 'Aldan main re;21acement parts de-2ot, (3) 19500 the Buessing plant in Leipzig repaired 425214 engines and vehicles and made 10,000 80...CW11 ed aggregates, whereas 6137 .0ruthos, 2,007 or vehic:leg, and 10272 aggregates had been renaired and manufactured reteoectjvely in 1949? (The Russians call an aggregate a frarie fitted with front and rear axles gear and ;3te'eriag.) 1:he plant also constructed 100 vehicles to serve as behimi--the-einee repair units i the assembled comonente for supplying these vehicles came from - 'Brest Litovsk where a large collecting point for captured vehicles is allegedly located? (h) The Dueseing plant is equipped with 300 machine tools to make replacement parts for btladebaker$ Ford? Chevrolet, and ,Inssian vehicles as wen al engines? At the time of observation, the lent, which had a labor force Qf 900 workers and em?loyooss was managed by iajor Cuslenski (fnu)s who had acquired his technical knownledge only in Germany and was not too experienced in the technical field, whereas the rest' of the elant naganorrt =elusively ? consisted of German technical expertso (5) 3. In 1950, the Koell-mnn plant in Leipzig manufactured 155*974 geared wheels of every. type. It is equipeed with 200 machine tools and had a suf2icient stock of raw materials) whereas good tool-stool was short" ?The plants which had a labor' force of about 300 workers and employeess, was managed by a Itussian non-ei-pertc, whose nano Was Doliachikov the managers were. replaced frequently. (6 ) Vry ' 4 , The Gootze plant in Apolda manufactured mcclusively piston r'ines for 2aotorevehicle- and aircraft engines,' It was equipeed with 100 machine tools and had a labor forma' , of 159 workers and employees? he Plant was managed by German engineer Kaspeue (fru) who was cartsidered an axPerto (7) A depart-lent mamet'acturine pig iron castings for engine components is. located besit'.0 the plant. 1:1122.1\ird CLASSIFICATION DOCElment No, 0 Pio Change In Class. Declasslfied' Glass. Changed To: AWL: 12 TS S o 25X1A Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008900300003-2 25X1A Tho so?oalled ,Airzenor plantj, thr) forrnr *ren annular sprinz factory, nade notor cars, with the components assembled into the vehicles in sw)lied from. the rest of the above mentioned plarts., In 1950 tho 4ant nanw2actured 200 large tank trucks, whose capacity allegedly was almost equal to tint of a railroad tank &Ir. It was equip:)ed with 10J machine tools and had a lAer force of 20) workers In. January 1951,, the entire plant was turned over to a boviot tank unit, Area hundred troops wore asigned. to the ?lantl.the German workers wore confined to the man Ili. acturo of tank engine replacement parts. (8) Ii.beauoe the .:1;',arvan Dlant is caosed!, the replacomnt pnrts ataufactured in the rest of the plants aro now chiriped to lerlin?Oberuchoenoweide. (9) -CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008900300003-2