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December 14, 2016
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January 5, 2001
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September 21, 1951
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A*p p roved facg COUNTRY-__Call,ara_f41 111 tia ? INFORMATION ---__REPORT ? TOPIC 1. International Transit Traffic' throucji the Soviet Zone of GerGermany?7."="Tcar. Eir7arrall'FiEFF727.21117- . ? 3. Stocke of Serviceable rsissentler Oars 4.41 ? E'VALUATIO DATE OF C DUE CEITA REFET-iENCES PAGES REMARKS .611.611.. 6744, 0.1?511?41. ENCLOSURES (O & TYPE) 25X1A 9.1110.19? r?Alris...I.P1M1*.l.. n,v5.01...4/..kenilaseuVamialav...-Mar ?IQ , m.* 1 .,3 Excerpts from reports sent by the Directorate Genoral? ,anilronds, in Berlinl to the S00 Transportation Division J.n Karlsborst? Dy requost of Lieutenant Colonel 1kath. (fnu) 9the f vil inc in:ormation ' on international transit tic throarh the Soviet Zone of Gerrany was transmitted on 23 April 1951: a. Since 20 December 19501 fapt rail- motor ?;a:!..'s operate between Berlin .and Prague:. The care required are Airnished by the 3oviet Zone State Railroad. (1) The direct coach between Berlin and V,Onice will continue ? to run during the operational year 1951/1952. b0 : Since '201,raY,19519,1 tbP. ?connection between ':4arnemsende and Dudapest via -Berlin, has been _maintained by a direct coach opernting daily. :111.1,o the ,summer :timetable is in forces the direct coach will be .furnished ?,by the Soviet Zone State Railroad's. it will be furnished by ,Uungary during the duration of the winter railroad schedule. c. Effective 20 Yay /951s one sleeper each of the ritropa and the CFR, (numanian State r.wilroads) operate twLce a week from ';:..',rnenuende to Bucharest via Borlinp ?raguo and. Dudapest0 In addition to these ale ore one direct aciach will operate four tires a week on this line. The coaches will be provided in turn by the Soviet none of Cg,,rrany and ri.Loania Bffective. 20 ray 1951 51 the direct coach operating !between Prni:un and. Ce- penhagpn vie Berlin and V4arnemende vJill be ?Arit5porldc.K1 because the Danish State Railroads have cancelled the contract concluded on 4 l':arch 1948'0 The Danish State Rrilroads took the action as the direct coach proved to be uneconomical because of insufficient utilization. They have stated that they are prepared to carry !')assongars on the railroad froight ferries operating between Gedser and '::arnenuonde0 In early .7,Payt ? negotiations will be resumed with the Danish State Railroads with, the ? a5.0 to arrive at a new agreement concerning railroad ferry traffic .between 'Ilarnomoendc and Gedner. (2) d. :hen a new timetable becortes effeotivo -pthe sleeper and direct coaa provioualy operating between Berlin and ?.arsaw rill operate as far as Brest Litovsk rith an ipmediato connection in the 6 iroction of At the sasre times a direct nail ear ,A11 be employed between Dret Litovsk and Berlin0 CLASSIFICATION Aiw Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RD Document No. No Change In Class. 0 0 Declassified Class. Changed To: TS S QX) HR 70-2 04.tigoada3900M2 24 Approved 25X1A ,2001103/06,':ICIA-RDP82-090004-2 2 =NUTT INFORMATION e, ..f'oetive 20 Thy 1251, the direct coach between Derlin and 'Iock van lIclland previously attacl-\od to the express train D 11/112, v.111 operate 'fr,71n. lionnever to nentheim via C;snabrueck. This measure v;i11 take it posible to eliminate one direct coach. f, Effective 20 7ay 1951, the German state Railroa(ls All furnish the dirz;ct conch operatinc between 3nton6e and Berlin. 7rom the beginning of the operational roar 1251/1252 to 6 o.tober 19511 a direct conch operating bQtreen 2orlin and Rome via 1!annow3r, 3ebral 2ra f!_trtirain? Dt'llel and ilan .:.5.11 be furnished by the F,oviet zone of Uermany h, The sleeper which :!as so far operated once a -week betv:en toetholnrd Perlin rill continue to run.. f Durnr the operational Fear 1951/19521 there will be no chance in the interzonal traffic except for the fact the coaches for exress train 63/64 will be furnihed by the Soviet Zone anilroads. 1-.ogotiations 1:ith the `Jestorn 0ermn rnilread autheritles are under to':ind out 1:hether sleepers and e,initv cars rlay be !.,.sod in throurh interzonal traffic it is intended to attach ,)locporS to e;Tress trains D 2/1 from i ate Zrank? furt/rain and D 149/150 from 7unieh to lorlin and dininr: cars to axpross trains D 109/110 and Ft) 111/112 operatin7 betr'ieen 3,J'lin ant: ColoLne. Receipts front and volune of international and interzonal railroad operations: (1) Heoni7,ts from interrational operations in tarks: (2) I:ovenber December oanuary 12501950 1951 Traffic frer the oviA 5,C0a,69 Zone of Cormarv- to foreign ocuntrieo Traffic frcy: :7orei7n, 5,577020 countries to the Soviet Zone of Germany 117.77M ? ? 61320 10 611.3.52 20 1"0 '9 nber of :13.5(.)1T,-Prs carried in interzonal traffic: 7,overiber 1950 Decenber 1750 January 1951 1)099 passencers 1,119 passengers 1,1051 rassengrs, (3) I";umbnr of trains nnployed rr international ol)eratiors: .joveriber 1250 December 1950 January 1951 60 trains GO trains 124 trains. Danbr of passe ore carried to the Leipzig rTring FAr 195.1 By interzonal tzains 7.-1 3,325 in 1950: 111,600 intarnatlot_rains 3._) 1950: