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November 16, 2016
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December 10, 1999
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October 27, 1951
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Approved For Rele@ITb $~- `-00457F~b : tS u A N, REPORT CD NO, C1,111. .~. Italy OBJECT Travel of C PLACE 25X1 A ACQU1. ED ~ 0417U )j-' j; 25X1A JM,x JAULLIFii 14 pan Co=mnist. Suspect to Italy =Mrs ? YB-!T1rs? em-T;+11115 i"11'OR$R'flO AF C71+AG r(raE,~llttrarln.$$" gEfA5t', t"^ Tti$.f&l5;TSI~ !IY,A.'Sld3. k'11Y#EH WY.6 rd.A,91df1" 4y}~ 714I,~',IA3 SEe4! S 7RR is ?99: t 311L* 4K', S. 0015@. At, A63L!r'w'ULC, Ar: TRAM14SStOS ES*REVl L 171011 or 19 c4nTErl" TO OR RECCIPT By Aft UfAUTRORIZ D,ImPSoq +u D11101313VU %I LAW TKA RO:1+R0114SY1?W OF THIS FFRt Ib P:tgffIBI7EG SOURCE 25X1X DATE DISTR 2.7 OCT 51 NV OF PAGES 1 NO. OF ENCLS., (UaSTEL BELOW 'SOPPt..E REPO T 1 MNOEN1 rC . THIS IS. UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 14 Domingo PigaA, ,suspected Chilean Co %rnist , has lade plain to 1eav ASantiago on or about 8 October 1951 f _:r Buenos Aires, to continie. from the 'e to Italy, re he X11 study under a schoiarshl T. granted through UNESCO,, He will sail on the S" COA f ND Piga is treasurer of the Teatro . periiiental, a theatrical giou with Communist ties, in which die alts, , tad he is also a director of the C.ri pc de Arte Continents,, a Co=n 1st-front d azai.' t .rare It is reported that the scholarship was offered to the Teatro cper ent .. , which in turn selected Piga because of ha.s ability, as en actor and as a , the trnl cal adm iatrator_, Piga will be pax4ed by Jorge Lill..o, who' is not iLo n to be a Corununistu The terms 'of the hip a.4. e reported to provide for payment of Piga's expenses during h:ig stay In It_l.3r 33 but Piga will bear the cost of his transportation to Italy arid, etu;-n, Since he does not, possess aufficient funds, friends are plan- ning a party for 5 October 1951 at the Ci.rculo Frances in Santiago, to raise additional funds to cover his trave). costs, 4,, Piga is not believed to be carrying out any mission for the Cbnnunist Party of Chile, bast source believes that be w;]; ? contact Co,-=unists in; Poe' sand in other, European dtie3 that he may He reportedly intends to Visit p `r?ance and Spain, in addit..Ion to Italy,. Doc mOnt Mo. ------ P'a II "ass. TS s e w it i-r i i to f or ftr' N eSlF!CAT! N CO F Ti ?.,. Approved For Release 2000/04/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R008900540010-8