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December 14, 2016
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January 4, 2002
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November 15, 1951
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Approved, For Release 2002/05107: "CIAFRDP82-00457R009000520003-9 , %1`1'q,AL 9N77', GE1^WCE: ADEN=(Y REPORT O. 25X1A 25X1A 25X1X c~L~ 5`Thb 25X1A ';~ 15 Nov 51 C. Of PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT N?. '1.6 c1nl --t'ug that tho. 2,r lica1 co- unist student alliance doraciut =:e T'sturlirn' es do Chile (F'ECh) Is riore solid at present han e:itre , `(`h'' cln m is rice in spite of their sr rise loss of the i dency to a. new student s.2 ian d consisting of Liberals ,- Traditional iireS and Iec ept.,ndern,s if..the September 1951 F"'LCh el.ection$ The btu 5t e a -so, eve -that the del' allJa: rice 3S c_ a loos0--knit or.3aniz i.on t r_ e# .: 1 not bc br.e Wo exercise cc nt of effectively over the FI h now that c-ver. The lZa=Uca'l-Cor?raurrist alliance is felt to have lost '-' ? + ! 'h;~ n ',use tits 1 ar post of p'c'70dent. and expects to dor:linate the C s Jrcc d h = ,: 7 c: a s c .ens: grout; is openly a ;alnst the Gonzalez IJ e = - o , e -1T,^enf, It a s??hea ira ignore my upon the Radical } St' u 4 ; .r S-)let y ?e o Ear i ic).'L those' Radice^ls occurring primary and I - no. n e ?nt, gov lr?T fns>t : Because of this feeling they have with ' he C'OmJrUY,I st students and are reportedly b. g ~, .ng d i'zn rre;t , y tie octrinn r :` Adicais and by the Corrrtnnunists.. g kr e .,i .,t 7S1]T i t a r ' acti ?3 p rt. in the Cowin elections. The '-t'! Z a r.r7 i::er .:Ln~ o h 2L?edo;n>_n1,a,'1t,:i.v Radical F' nd Cor+mranl.st, Chilean u a to the )cth ~ . sui }r Of 'u u t 1951 is also expected to be a factor y 3 a 3!lGTI'~ng 1'L t`:j _ns betl~t~c'