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December 19, 2016
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March 23, 2006
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October 31, 1951
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Approved For Release 2006/ IRDP82-00457R009100440019- CEASSIFICATlt i 2 1 CG"TtC't? - fJ. i, Q C C=d 'I:ac CENTRAL IA1tL GtNC1 i AGE c ' INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. 25X1 COUNTRY Oerrr-rW ( assiz r -one) SUBJECT 11111t .ry Rail Traffic through Frankfurt/Oder CI~~CULA ~ T SREPORT UPPLEMENT TO OF ENCLS. THIS WCSICF#HT CO"i'LMfB IlIROR18ATION ASPECTIRG TALC 17AT1011AL iz?PKt70C CO me ONITPO 6TATfi0 WITHIN THE Humna3 CO TNFO COPIGNAGE ACt 00 M a. C.. 51 AND flt. AS A1284C00. TO I RAt M I$S10N 00 TK& P4WOIAT!00 OF IT9 CGFITSNO IC ARV IIATINRA TO AN IINAUTHORIRRD POI16047 1H PRO' 1110MV 00 1.A U0P1IO 1ICTiO11 OP THIS Vora 10 Pffil110TIID. 29 July ~Vt,I , cif` Type zmrv ia-r-S eaten 2 tank Felten 7 tank Vslten 18 tank Neuruppin 13 fiat Airplanes Grossenxiain flat !airplanes 30 July `v eltan 1 tang IAUlrose 28 box !ir uniti on lessen 4 box Ai'unition K8nigswusterhausen 1 box Frankfurt/Odsr 4 box 31 July Velten Strau.ssberg WWl fillrose i! S.terbog Altenburg 1'fi l.rose Jessen I5.1lrose K rc a8ner ISirchui8eer 2 ,,ug st Biesenthal Falkenberg Felten. CLASSIFICATION 17 flnt Vehicles and 10 box Stalinorgeis 4 flat Stalinorgels 7 b 7 box Arr. unition 2 box -Ammunition 7 box Ammunition 5 box Au,unition 4 box Ammunition 8 box Am. Mition 6 box !-nunition 5 flat Airplanes 4?_. box A munition; zr ?.rksed - Extra Caution -- 13 flat Airplanes 3 box Personnel 5 tank 1~-l S CO7TROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY o Change In m lass. 7, f ] Declass;I o Class. Changfr It: S S Approved For Release 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82 0b]WIRQ 1111 10440019-7 Date: ' -------- BY, THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION REPORT NO. DATE:DISTR. 31 Ort. 1951 NO. OF PAGES 8 ling the period 29 July through 29 August 1951, the following mdlitaf~f freight .raf?f'ic passed through Frankfurt/Oder -- westbound (u iial3y to regularly scheduled freight trains) 25X1 Destination 22 ti nk Date 2 .Augtet Con. i t. 3 August z St 5A,,gut 6 Au-,%st 7 9 r u ?ist 1,? v,Ist 11 Ax,,nzst 12 ":~~ ^ 13 Au,gAT ION 6~1 C']NTiitL IT" MM LIG JC' .",GLNCY Dent;i natlion No. of Cars K3ni ;suruaterhausen 16 J11terhog 22 u11tFerbog .U 5 ! term,--4 oA''t e rze) anc ma t; ,ek? 't ' s 3e i are it3e .kd ~.e2'f'fl ]t:3 ? Simi Y" e rt I'S",:': the 34$fd ;? .. ! to tile b,O- t ierz nrimarij..~,Y 25X1 Lit -1,7 usr3a With Ta t t v}" d Py '1 a 100 -, :'n 7xal lf a't'e o". v a rwa`r.Lng iengt.ti ., C '1't', r~ It i:3 . 3 s Ylx,14 rass'' ig`. r coaches are traxis7iorte, Ne-tr l.; _ t?*'s, 120 axe-t-,,`, , .r: :r,~ l.,. t,. W.i.Q} T,inGiE3 ttr., .i 7 cars, on the aver-:.-, )k 1~C3rS 7 ~', r Nr (t ~i;=k ' t t t T- , 5'Gook: is mounted at Brest-Litovs.K crew anc ao a),t t_ id an average of 24 near Approved For Release 2006/04/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R009100440019-7