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December 15, 2016
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November 27, 2000
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October 11, 1951
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COUNTRY- I aspic c~ .~.. ?Y ~P,+,q n,~c. ~s+ T.n'r ...'1 -4 r, rr `fr n~ . 0.i f 1 .+......o,_ ~.+.a i.H..+..+?.~+-, - -- a=.^+H.a^?'m'.. REFERENCES PAGES ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE)-.--._ . __.~ REMARKS 25X1X 25X1X ~, aiaa:2uni.ti or i'rom the boxcar belong to the a; CorzTient; te vehicles load~.r , 25X1A th Zecz T~iv, the tt4t1 :`ids .`1tz iii.flo Div end probably the Third Shock ,F~riiy la < ? rstedt-Dof.l_e road belong to a headquarters n. ~o1 th d . e . or.. The vehicles observe `. unit of the Third ;hock Arty., a gnat unit. of the ';i hth Gels Arr.`, a hoad- quarters unit of the I AM :.it2 i ~_e Carps, the azh h Liecz Div, the 39Ch Gds "? .~i i'le it ~v, th mentsr series of t'ao Th the higla ird. Shock Arr 25X1 C 25X1A GGI As _ ; to the officers belono F of t etz~., 25X1A onnentm h,: coi2vo T, i iii ri probably went to ski{ area re ~fl'ing T1~_`"?`.' to the 207th katz i~iflo ve. Linn ;ea yai, belongs % CLASSIMATION Document No. _P__ ____---___-....- No ChAngo Ir. E Deola sified C3a , Changed To: TS S C Autha .2 2fule ,e os ___1970-------- In On 24 September 1951s rai road::zen in ;o-im :. tedt (_ 53/y 61) stated that t. rLc and artillery troops had 'teen loaded on several trains and di spatc heel toward Ua ,deburSi.- beginni n of Septenbera A telephone e~:ch n;e ope~- rated by soldiers with blacks-bordered crimson epaulets was located at the -. __ ~....?.7 F'vnra to ~~fY_f a on 'ruLk s nrvA the road {7n{,i rv i qr nlise`.rveo or T,--IC' or.1..! T3 ~V~il 2 0 1''our staff ca vs k?i th hl n rankin officers wer soon driving ''~Crk~' C7 a~?1"7 o E 25X1 C on t eraj?d-elegy en ;GXricre Zieneu r cad cn 25 13ep ember rifles, .iachJ nef u s a 1C ai J P=_ a tom'' e0 1 e rr~ad 25X1C residents saxd vrl, u 7-7 Cs with tvicks and artillery pieces were entrained on 23 : eptemberG Eight artiller'ynen were seen resting around a camp fire on a road in the woods about h Ian: north of Cb.cbit, Fire from t ill maces ,,,as heard from the T coded are:::a Brest A? convoy o` eight trucks ,vi-in billeting equipment was seen dx?:-vin through S`,...-- 4-1- i`l i vnf?'+^.'i n"I of Stendall Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82