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November 16, 2016
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April 17, 2000
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November 5, 1951
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Approved For Release 0/05/22: CIA-RDP82-00457R009200 Wool( CENTRAL INTM- MaWE11 MA 1 -I "REPORT NO. CLASS1 HGAI iUN o III.. security Irzf a-pw ape . 25X1 COUNTRY Brazil ORT CD NO. DATE DISTR. SUBJECT Communism in the Brazilian Armed Forces 25X1A PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. 2. Olavo had discussed the question of the l vista do Clube riilitar(l) with the latter group and stated that all believed that, the pro-Communist offi- cers who elected liar Minister Newton ,stillac Leal president of the club would be victorious in the Bevista controversy, This group of Army offi- cials is working hard, with the apparent sympathy of General heal, for the passage of the Amnesty iaw(h), which would provide amnesty and all senority rights for military personnel who were dismissed from the Army for their political beliefs (i.e., Communism) after the 1935 Communist revolution. 01avo was quoted as having added that the Revista controversy had been exploited by the enemies of Communism, but that General Leal's group, whom he called the patriots of 1rester, was well entrenched and realized that a victory in the Amnesty Law issue would force the passage of other laws favorable to the Communists. NO. OF PAGES 5 November 1951 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) 25X1A 25X1 X SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. In early October two meetings of Brazilian Communist Party (PCB) members were held in the State of ilinas Gerais to discuss Communist activities in the Clubs Miil.itar and in the armed forces(l)0 The first of these meetings was held in Juiz de Fora in the office of r'arty leader Tomaz Bernardino (2). Among those present was a Communist named Olavo(3), who had Just returned from Rio and who reported on his conversations with important Communists and with several active and reserve Army officials. Olavo stated that in order to create confusion, the Communist press was going to publish a series of attacks on General Leal, but that Party mem- bers tht3mselves should not take this seriously since the General was favorably considered by the PCBs ,. At the other. Communist meeting, which was also held in Juiz d9 Fora at the home of State Party leader Milton Fernandes(S), a speech was made by Jacy Pacheco., who reported that the Minister of War was consulting the other ministers and various Array officers concerning the Amnesty Law, and that it was hoped that complete and unrestricted ei:anesty would be granted. After another Communist in attendance, iteg:innldo Guimaraes, had called attention to a recent attack on General Leal published by a Party news- paper in Sao Paulo, .Pacheco explained that this was merely a means of creating confusion and that the PCB National Committee had ordered that the War Minister be attacked by some Communist news organs and defended by others. im$ C: CL SSII ICAT1O ' it n~+ 6 TAT.",i7 t,Y s~ArE ~ X 1AVY (ras:zc RafiF3Y a'l~r =AIR !r X FBI Document me. No Change In Class. ? pApproved For Release 2000/05/22 CIA-R F O(r45f7ROQ'920Q31 Autha g 73-2 Date: . 8 Al1G 1978__ By:`