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November 16, 2016
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April 17, 2000
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December 1, 1951
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;:I. S iF C rt 3 C~) dy TI}I.~ ".Li Approved For Releq?L 7R00920,~A9 41 P. a _ ems!1 C='L R'`Rt p'.f: -M+ I Conmanjst Clandestine Orf animati on R.ians 25X1A )RI {' ) ~('i~ r'5 S- ' 1 DEC 51 NO. OF FACES 1 NO OF ENCLS. ILLEGIB (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT T REPO RT NO LL diecr?3t circular., recently distributed to Corrnnunit't leaders in Bogota, (:. d3 omhta, stated that the Partido Comanista do :-o:9.^Ambia (F) is about Lo fir'-, r a period of illegality and that, certain changes f4: ? Pa x?ty c;~r -:~ni rn are they-afore necessaz7n I`lu> docun ,nt indicated that leaders nip must be concentrated in the hinds of a minw of persons in order to facilitate clandestine aietin aa,, Coils; been atsed tt in to s such as those approaching fix* `Iiveussion and democracy mast dish mar, and that ci instructions from h:.1/_,-her authorities in be Pa `y mus' be died out to the letter without A. directive committees should create an internal secretariat composed f ~hr p rsona. including the Sec--,etnry General and the Sec ieta of ~r , ni at +snQ This secretariat vdl'. then sang out the bulk of the work of the group, 1-4h en the advice of a secretary not on the secretariat is aecided.V lie vrII ,. be notified of ,h: natter under discussion in advance and na:Jed to the meting at which this subject is to be brought up,, The; Executive Cc .ttees, national, departmental and local,, w 4l arrange Z ,o hold meting about once a month , Plenum meetings vr!U be rialled, only on absolutely necessary,. and mnmbi rs whose particular fields axe not, on the agenda for such a gatheria .,,.rill ordinarily not attend, In e, ry a.r the secretariat will consider he agenda beforehand,,, and those pe aons involved will be advised so that they will be prepared to cox atr?ibute to the discussion Document No. ^A7. Class. ChRrcged To: TS S 0 4th.: J1 70-2 Date: ZB-gJajgZ$___ Bra TuSR3 L fll~ i8~i ft]i+b __ _._ _.. R Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009200110003-9 i:riLLLOIdX 14