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November 16, 2016
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April 17, 2000
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November 14, 1951
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25X1A Approved For Rele.? P82-0045E QQ9 FOR TON REPORT CD NO.. Be svica 25X1A SUBJECT The hudnik Dren Chrome, Ore Mine in NO, OF PAGES I NO OF ENCLS. 25X1 X SUPPLEMENT ' INFO, REPORT NO J.._ The Ru1ra.ik Dren chrome are mine is located one kilometer west of Bes^ i . V;SUage, near Dew= Xaplja in Macedonia. Large beds of chrome ore and s?u ph,ur were round after the war in this area. and the present work consists of digging the principal galleries., 2 The mine employs approximately 200 workers, of which are political, prisoners sentenced to forced labor. The work is carried out in three shifts. Engineer 7M1i.ha,11 Stoss, a German prisoner of war, and his assistant. T :h ,il Berta, as Ge .an born in Yugoslavia,, are in charge of ..he technical work,, The rain. gall er7 was completed ir$i.fVtheJ iz^?` ng ofs pgl950.. fit( ~iyn 954 meters S.1e 'd ! z .d..0 Skt Pfi ea 2 Lwa Ue.L i, hi li and a rprox.i.d3,!Aely 40 xL'.e ~.seyd s se l ov i r y; in ; b 2 19 50 appYK:Ld3 ~~i en t,er for ea h JL r ;o s1 av it ~`ace:, Three trr.?ecks for thnines ,_.~ :-m Al ca t~'> have 14een c--,,-,r tt, -2c` ed -A the w ~f b Tito In a. a y iv3"'.~;a W -ire 6 r~i,3?t~`? {g~S ... at , the C.-'Gi. or, Vv' e s" 3 . ".Fi? ; Later r ccardtlp" to :;Xl.Cl.T1e4, " ''Y" al rsal ., to the ?''hrommte o:3?e beds and tFZ.w left, to sniobur bete, Stos< ti'r; rtet.Ly est ,.? kwdit d f ~ .. '`lust ' to I (C-1 ,1.Gg~eT~m. a of ad'..P..t` '1,+ ' < If wo~;lo be need. d in ecrh p ' T e.r t reach the '.%rarnc- C`'{ an k baded "A T~0.wo eonpresso'::, '.ekaac 'in. s axe utii 'zed in .., a ..,'}. .. Oneee driven- by i}arj%t-'GY,', rs came from the --Yee *2 :one and is designer. to generate power for four pressure drills. It broke down in the spring of 1950 and vas sent to akoplje for r epair. The other co?'IlI7ressor,, d:'.--iven h r ,s eolinea enerates pressure for .fiwo drills. The e;fyria .te used until early 1950 was of a red color and of `,aedlsh orig:t rb; later, a. white dynarn~ite of less rlrustruc? wive power was usual;. The mine had one water tmrano constantly in use,, A hydro- electric power station is located on the Bosa River aho at 500 m& r s to the north of the Dren mine. About one thousand maters south of the nine are vacant mUite y barracks. Document Ito- ---------_ ~ ~..,._ No Change In Class. [] i 1,11-1 ^ p{ p r ~ Class. C )paged To: TS S Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009200110007-5