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November 16, 2016
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April 17, 2000
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November 14, 1951
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~T~LLOFAR 6 Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009200110009-3 ? 25X1A CIASSIFIC ET/0017T .0L - U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY GENCY REPORT NO. CENT WN INFORMATION RE-PORT CD NO. COUNTRY Philippines SUBJECT HMB Letters Confiscated in Raids on Manila Communications Center During September 1951 25X1A R11h PLACE I~.v 5 ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. X33 DATE DISTR., 14 Nov, 1951 NO. OF PAGES . OF ENCLS. 0 NOT CUICULATE SUPPLEMENT TO 25X1X REPORT NO. 10 July Dear Comm Mar .1 I received your letter and am much relieved to ?rnow you are all OK and the pic2 has gone on as scheduled. That's resourcefuilness--p when a thing has got to be done, it is done, even with the enemy just around the corner. We are waiting for the full report of the pie before we send axy torments. Be very careful in giving statistics re manpower and arms. We do not want the enemy to get a glirpse of ayq of our data. I think I know more or less the general conditions there. If there is any change for the better, just report the improvement in men and arms. Re Finance: You did right. From now, you take the percentage from all these--e: ansion, family, etc. There is plenty of need for finance for training nurnoses. I - to improve the getting of finance from contri- butions and especially from confiscation from the enemy. Have you received the authorization which we sent you re. confiscation for purposes of buying arms and ammo? See to it, however, that there is also confiscation for the higher organ. Give money to Sags om our finance there. Budget Is 1,12 per person per month. Hence, ~te/ : ion based on their number and CLASSIFICATIM r; r4 $r1 TI fi r _ , M Y Y ooumsnt No. -------- M NO Change In Class- ?Csclsssified Approved For Release 2000/05/22: CIA-RDP82 09 iP'R lb nvh iT 009 $ onto, - AUG-1975 By: ~ `sf_ Approved For Release 2000/05/22: CIA-RDP82-00457R009200110009-3 SEO T/CONTTR - U.S. OFFICIALS OIIrLLY 25X1A CURIT! INF'CitM&TION ,XNTELtT GENCE AGENCY It Al 7 -, r '. on the length of trip before they are in a condition to get the finance from R-9. Intensify your nrenarations of the mass and production base for the place we talked about. We expect to have that place ready by the end of the year. What do you say? Will Fely and Vxs. Romero4 pass thru military line? If they pass thru legal line, their husbands who will study should pass thru military line. Have you received document on "Gawain sa loob ng Kaaway?e5 We are sending you another copy. Please have it copied right away and give one copy to Sag so that he can rake it along. There you will see the primary job of the professionals. They may be formed in groups or not, depending on whether they prefer groups or individuals. To start with, it is preferable to have them as individuals--- make them do their jobs individually and we contact them individually-but the MD6 plans and coordinates their activity along this special line. Also sending document on Election Boycott. Also give a copy to Sag. Implement same religiously. Start organizing Dl's as we had during the lap. regime. We meed such kind of work very badly, so do your best to succeed in this work. We will send Political Transmission soon. P.S. I understand you are sick. See to it that you get the right medicines and at the right time. You can spend from our funds if you can't get personal funds. I heard also Sane is thinner than usual.. Tell him to take very good care of his health, and help him take care of his health. We should not dissipate our strength to the detriment of the revolution. Regards to Espi8, and the rest of the comrades. 30 July 1951 Dear Con. Li.lias9 We got your letter alright, but it so happened that today we are also expecting the arrival of a CB comrade who got our contact via another way. We will learn from this one about the other two you were telling us about. We'll write you accordingly as soon as possible. But keep your contact with those other two intact while we have not told you otherwise. By the way, your letter to Ka. PacinglO carries an intention of going out, but as you said, September lot yet. We want to inform you that there will be opened a Special Party School for Instructors starting August let. If you can make it, even one week late, this is the most appropriate time and best chance for you to make-up in a Jiffy, whatever developments that had happened. How is your kid? Now Is Ben? Can he not do his part now, even as an underground party worker in the Youth Movement? We hope that you do your best to propel him to work now. Tell him to report to Ka. Ely, Sec of CICOM. 1 So long my dear sister-comrade; we wish you health and firmness for all the blows of circumstances that happened to our comrades now inside. Comradely, "Of# (Pop) SE @6rFjFMN 1 h ICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009200110009-3 Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009200110009-3 SECR jtOL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY 25X1A ITT INFORMATION CENi*f/ LLIG NCE ACE, T 7 August 1951 TC) I Coom. Fanny (Quevarra ), 8-662 SUBJECTt Information and Instructions Dear Commrade, On the same day that your letter from Com. Paz and your letter for Com. !ole came, Con. Paz arrived.13 So that we were very happy to receive your letters. You used the roper and necessary initiative to write and convey clear news and reports during that time when nobody will make it, and there was nobody else who knew of your situation and progress. The fact is, we are still expecting more information concerning our comrades who are outside, like Cap, Bani, Fred and others which you seem to have known already but not rention In your letter.34 If you know more of their situation, and you still have the time to write before your departure, we need to know. Together with this letter of ours, or at the post waiting for you, are the documents for R--6. We were told that some couriers from Cap whom we have sent expenses for their return have arrived, but we would like to be assured that those comrades were given direct orders, and were entrusted with delicate matters. We are surprised that there is not even a short note from Reco 6, neither did they write us about their mission. Upon your arrival there, you must consult with Cap and Alunan3-5 so as to diaratch couriers here right away. We need their clear and. detailed report since they made their last one. If they do not have a good means of communication yet, you should fix it in the quickest possible time. Reco 6 needs many selected couriers (and stable hosts for the entrance and exit of couriers). So before you leave Manila, stabilize your post there, leave countersigns behind which will bea way to recognize the men you will send back. Eacamp?es: a handkerchief or a photograph from a magazine to be shown, or out by the landlord and leaving a part, or whatever you may agree on, and no one will go to them except your and our couriers, once a month. Another reason why we want you to send back a good courier is that if we succeed in raising a big amount, there is something set aside for Reco 6 for the purchase of arms for you. Komadrel6 is being helped direet]y by the High Organ, aside from the Reco where she belongs. Their situation is still good. The keenness of the movement continues among the comrades; new training in the different schools (mass, party and military) continues, so that our military action is very limited. This may be seen in news carried by the newspapers. We would like to 1-now soon the connection of Coms. Rey, Barrios, and 1?-hab, because we have seven Visayan comrades who are presently under training and may be sent whenever there is somebody to get them.17 Tiro were found to be from where Ropy went, and the others may be sent to Negros, Pansy, etc. Just tell Com. Diaz to try to make good connections with Pala.ran, with the fishermen there, with fishing towns, and if. necessary we will dispatch cadres there.18 Till then, a happy trip, and sincere wishes for your successful mission. Comradely, Abdon (compadre) FI/JTI, T? OFFICIALS OW Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009200110009-3 Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009200110009-3 SECREJ,t` W 0L - U.S. OFFICIALS OILY 25X1A INFORMATION 14 ~ 8 August 1951 Syr Dear Rosing,19 Our criticism of Dely is due to the :Loss of the person accompanying Tita who has already reached us, and everything is alright now.20 She was criticized because the person was missing then and the letter of Dely came at the sane time as that of Tita telling of the lose of the person, and the letter of Tita she told that she (Delp) also passed by the COP.ZJ- We concluded that Daly was found wanting In her instructions, because we had strict orders not to stop anywhere else. More especially, Daly did not r!ention in her letter that she carried out all the Instruc- tions given to her before she went to the places not specified. You could see for yourself how great was our apprehension then, when the man was lost due to our shortcomings. So that right away we sent the letter in answer to that of Daly, together with the criticism. That is a lesson for us. Let us study our own initiative, but let us clarify all corres- pornding resnonsibilities so that the whole extent, of the task will be clear. Concerning the RED22 letters, none arrived here. So, tell Com. mm. 23 that since he is already there, he could talk directly with any of you or the CiCom. The code is not necessary any more in the address when writing through the mails in a careful family tone concern.:`?.ng business only. What pertains to work or plans, arms, organs, etc., should be handled very carefully. I purposely did not reveal our combina-- tion to the CCP and it is certainly not necessary, because the COP has nothing to do with it.24 What is necessary is for their post to be strong, and we will be responsible for having the letters addressed there picked up. And it is understood that whatever the name or address on the onvelopa, the CCP will j st receive a letter and send it to us. In the meantime, the letter Pam is looking for was originated where he is., Together with this is a letter of.Com5 to high, with an enclosed amount of three thousand one hundred pesos (t.100.00). We suppose that you yourself will take it to him. Also with it are t5.00 for the purchase of 10 calcium apiol, l Remo, I Ulm, and a bottle of sweet cod liver oil. He did not write separately because you are already aware that the love end thought of both of us for you and all the comrades cannot be divided. Take good care of your health, and if you think that the Post Is running smoothly, toll us. Send Haka26 to Reco 2. Have him go with their courier. Tell him that Con. Tom27 is asking for hir. He will know the nature.of his work when he arrives there. (ADDTT:rON: THEY SAY THAT YOU MUST AVOID SLEEPIT'G LATE. SLEEP WELL.) Will you check our consignments through Com Pepe Pas as follows: an amoung of p1.5.00 for Pen, X5.00 for the NOD, and 1017.00 for the Medical, and a f untain pen for the KKK. Tell him to expedite while the CD I ine is good. Till next time, together with our prosperous wishes to all. 14 August 1951 My Dear July,29 It seems that the berm suffered by RECO-2 is big. Probably Naka30 will not be able to get in there yet. If he is still there, what Is he doing...? S 0M- VIALS 0 Approved kow-muel~CIA-RDP82-00457VhlO9200110009-3 Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009200110009-3 SECUNAN 0L .. U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY 25X1A RMATION CEN'tRA'~`~~CE AGENOY Good If Estong- has a nice background. Our security rules are really like that. Be very careful over there, study, and train yourselves in various things that will improve our Movement. Receive the c'2.OO to replace that which was borrowed from you by Fanny. Did they leave any post.. for Leyte..? If so write +hem so they will send a courier to Dick un the cadres that .we will give to them. I did not write separately to Comrade Flriring.32 If you meet her, tell her that I an glad of their reaching there, but increase your alertness and security because Nora is reported to have inforrzed. We will send Rosing to the city after August 30, or earlier. P.S. Enclosed is a letter of Den Puenafe, to July, 3 September 1951 TO: Comrade Abelardo 3RS, RECO4 4 Dear Comrade, We are not pleased with the conduct of communications there. We think that you should stabilize your post there before we send you critical documents, organization instructions, and other necessities. We are sururised that Comrade Lita35 did not bring any letter from you while it was specifically mentioned in our letter to you that we required your answer before we sent you the things you need. And because we have not talked personally with any of the courier comrades from you (Lita and Lina), they too have no clear information for us on the things we want to know; that is why we always hold one of them as our reserve in the GOP. Have you received our lett s..7 Also the resolutions and other documents we sent through the R-2..736 Did you receive our answer to you during the first days of August.. ? Lita was made to return, and Lana will remain to wait for a clear answer from you before sending the critical and valuable things that you need. Our situation is good. We transferred to a now location in the lamest %"rx rountainO37 where we encountered loyal friends, who are also utilized as quick runners. Of course subsistence is quite difficult. We await your response in the quickest possible time. Regards and ever fresh memories to you all. s/ A.B. DON'8 8 September 1951 TO : All Comrades in BECO..2 c/o Pedring, RS; & Tom, PBS39 SUBJECT: Grreetin !s and Conpratu-1 ations (And Reply to Yours of August 29) Beloved Comrades: At last we have breathed in happiness and relief, after the continuous propaganda of the enemy to the effect that he has inflicted heavy casualties S ~ OF''ICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2 RDP82-00457R009200110009-3 Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009200110009-3 SE '/1A __ U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY 25X1A RT!".ATION CENTRAL- MUME AGENCY _ on our side in the recent Operation Omaha....' For one continuous week,, the radios and newspanere carried headline reports of Operation Omaha, using 4 airplanes, 7,000 men, troops from 7 to 9 Battalion Combat Teems, and later boasting of having killed Comrades Pedring, Eddy, Tom, Bee, Bio, and no loss than 150 others, that they recognized Pedring, Eddy, Bee, and others from the corpses they exhumed when they reached the camp site, etc., until at last they sub-divided the "prices" of 40 thousand pesos for the death of at least three ranking regional co .nders.40 Of course, we did not believe their Fascist lies, but we could not help getting anxious and apprehensive because of our knowledge that you were there, that you still have some tendencies to stick-it-out, and which we found true from your report of 29 August 1951. In reference to your self-criticism (for the Rao Bureau) regarding the fact that every day for almoet a week an observation plane flew over the camp and its surroundings. Mere, the R41 was negligent and did not take steps to transfer. Your resort also admits weakness in the misfortune of the late Comrade Eddie.42 Although we had a single casualty, he was valuable. lie were indeed impatient in the sudden cutting-off of our +xm+nunication, not only because it took time to reestablish it, but because we did not know what really happened and haw large the damage was. We speculated that the damage that the enerr was boasting about by the 48 1iustangs might be true. Because of this, we were compelled to write and send through three direction g: a/o Carling QBC, c/o SE000M Arayet and c/o DC.-2 via Susa- SR.4:5 An additional reason for our having written, is that in case you proceeded forth and it will take time before you could send couriers, we will ask for NFD share from the collections of the DCs 1 and a- directly, because there is a lack of funds for the large expansion work now being planned. So that if you have tiny to send from there, we are waiting. If you have a very reliable courier (for example "Baby Zenaida") she can take them up to the COP, where two of our couriers will be waiting within ten days from now. a .aside from the fact that one always stays there because he takes cadres to the continuous schooling which we opened for the expansionist cadres. So that if your cadres have already designated two women for the R-6 or 7, send them right away to the COP so they could catch up with the schooling or they could go with those going to F-6.44 The raid there was due to three principal causes: (A) Your station was known to the enempr for a long time, but every time he made small raids, all were in vain, so he prepared carefully for it; (B) The Nogro who was there was a clever spy (see Time T',agazine, I' Sep- tember issue);45 (C) The Negroes who were there (like Dumaguit, etc...) and the nearby Negritos are attached to the eneny camp. We are agreeable to yoirplan to transfer the site of the Reco Bureau, and you are the ones to know where it is good, based on the reports you receive. It is better if you will be far from the mountain people, a location that they would not be able to approach, but a location favorable to the dispatch of couriers at least twice a month (for your connection with the High Organ and for the procurement of your office and maintenance supplies). We think that In the quickest time, you should create two "ED reproduction units", one in M. Suku (Arayat), one close by % FC--20 or the DC that covers Kuliat (Angeles), so that we can just send them model copies and it is up to them to reproduce the necessary documents, leaflets, materials, the I pe al ay (Liberator,, the Titis and others). Sooner or later, we have to show that to each DC-FC (1 PCom in the future). SOFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : C -RDP82-00457R009200110009-3 Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009200110009-3 SEC' OFFICIALS ONLY NATION Check up on what documents of ours were seized. Conpratu?atians on the news we got about your disarm ng We, and the concentration of many 46 Screen them carefully, and take extreme care on counter-Infiltration. If you have any available to add, send us some eight Security Tien. Comrade],y, 25X1A 1. ~Wamment. Neither Mar, the addressee, nor C-3, the author of this letter can be identified. To Judge from the subject matter, it would a ear that the letter was from the Mtional Organization Department or the General Secretary of the Party to a Regional Command (RECO) leader or RECO Supervisor. 25X1A 25X1A 25X1/, 25X1A Comment. Mar is given as a pseudonym of Maroiano de Leon n t ~docur tints captured in the Government raids of October 1950. wh'1ch also was based on documents captured in Manila during September 1951 is of interest in connection with the Letters on which this report is based. 2. Comment. The reference here Is not known. 3. Comment. Sag may be Sagasa who is believed to be Political bureau Supervisor of RECO-9. This name also has been .used by Arturo Savi whose activities have been referred to in a previous report 4. Comment. Rely may be Josef ina Adelan; lam. Romero cannot be identified, 5. Comment. This Tagalog phrase has been translated as "Penetration of Me E '. The reference may be to either espionage or to pene- tration of Government agencies or the Philippine armed forces. Documents captured during October 1950 contained a similar discussion of the ' of persons engaged in collecting information within the Govern- ment. 6 Comment, This is a reference to the Party and I Military Department. 7. Comment. This name cannot be identified as a pseudonym. It may in 'aet be a reference to Sagasa who was referred to above. g. Comment. This name cannot be identified. 9. Comment. This letter is referred as one probably written by Luis Taruc. Lilia cannot be identified. 10 Comment. Pacing is a pseudonym used by Jesus Lava who was recently described as the Party General Secretary. 11. Comment. Ely has been used as a pseudonym by Tali-ran n ero of ECO-4. It has been reported that a person using this name served as Chairman of the National Communications Division in Manila in 1949. Cicom refers to the Manila City Command. "0" is believed to refer to Luis Taruc. Cp SECRETf U.S. OFFICIALS ONII ,, Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : -RDP82-00457R009200110009-3 Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009200110009-3 SEL'R S7 tOL - U.S. OFFICIALS ORALY INORt4ATION -'.. / V// PI 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 12 mxmnt. This ierson cannot be identified. R-6 probably re era to 0-6. Luis !L ruc (Abdon or A.E. Don) is believed to have written this letter. 13. Comment. Mole is probably Jesus Lava. Paz cannot be identified, although this pseudo Mm appeared in the documents captured in October 1950. 14 Conn . Cap probably refers to Guillermo Capadocia; Bani refer to Mariano Palgos. 15 - -- Comment. The name Alnnan appears in the documents captured in October 1950. It has been reported that a person known as Alunan was Secretary, of RECO-6, 16. Comment. This name cannot be identified, 17. Co=nsent. These names cannot be identified. 18. Comment. The name Alicia Diaz appears in the documents which were captured in October 1950. 19. Comment. Rosing refers to Rosa Collantes, who is in ltnila. The "O" in this signature refers to the National Organization Depart- ment, but it does not necessarily mean that Taruc 3.s the originator, since Tcxy is specified. KKK in this letter refers to Communist Youth Organization 20. Cosmrtent, The person using this name cannot be identified. 21. Comment. This probably refers to the Manila Communi cations Coordinating Post. Defy cannot be identified. 22 Comment. his probably is a reference to RECO Educational Department. 23 Comment. This person cannot be identified. This may be a dim form of Ramon, Ramos, or Ramson, all of which are pseudoxrms which appeared in the documents captured in October 1950. 24. Comment. This appears to be a reference to the Manila Communications Coordinating Post. 2 Comment. This probably refers either to Pando (Mateo del Caetill.o , or to the National Finance Division. 26. Cont. This person cannot be identified. 27. omment n This may be a reference to Tomas Calms, who has use opt as a pseudor m. 2 onment. This apparently refers to a secure courier line operated by the National Communications Division. 29 Comment. July is the pseudonym of Antonio Alipio who is referred to The originator of this ?.etter is Luis Taruc. This appears to be confirmed by the references to Rosa Collantes returning to Manila. 30. Comment. Maka, who has been referred to previously, is un mown. C U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY SEt q.N~~., Approved For Release 2000/05 2 ~ A-RDP82-00457R009200110009-3 Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009200110009-3 OL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY 25X1A ITY INFOR1~tATIONN CENCE AGENCY - LI I If N4 31 Comment. The name Estong appears in the documents which were can ured in October 1950. However, the person referred to here cannot be identified. 32,~Comment. paring apparently is not the same person as ?fir who was referred to previously. Nora, who cannot be identified, apparently is under detention. Ben Buerafe cannot be identified. 25X1A 33. Comment. The peeudor~ym Abelardo appears in the documents captured in October 1950. 25X1A 34. Comment. This appears to be a reference to the RECO-8 Secret tat. 25X1A 35. Comment. This name appeared in the documents captured in October 195,, but the person referred to !-ere cannot be identified. 25X1A 36. Comment. This may be a reference to RECO-2. 25X1A . here is believed to be a code word, possibly indicating a location in Mountain Province at -which Teruc is stationed. " 38.~_Comn nt. This is a variant of a pseudonym used by Luis Thruc. 5X1 39. - Cor nt. Since this letter Is believed to be from the NOD (Luis Taria c )and is addressed to R#CO.2, Pedring, RECO Supervisor, and Tom, Political Bareau Supervisor, it may indicate that Taruc is no longer a member of the REDO-2 command, 25X1A Comment. Pedring is pseudonym which has been used by both e ro Tame and by Pedro P. Vic encio, according; to the documents captured in October 1950. However, Pedro Taruc reportedly was killed during August 1951 by Government troops. Tom has been used as a nseudor m by Tomas Calma anl probably by other HMB lie aders . 25X1A 40,~Womment, Defense Secretary Magsey'say claimed that more than 1 aualties were caused by the Government's operation Omaha,, The letter indicates that this campaign resulted in only one 111-1B casualty. 25X1A 41 Cocotte t. R arp rently refers to a P.ECO Supervisor. 42 Comment. This person cannot be identified, 43 Comment. This has been interpreted as follows- Carling of the Quezon City-Rizal command; Section Committee, Mount Arayat or Arayat, Pampanga, and District Committee 2, in care of the RECO Secretariat. Carling and Susa cannot be identified. 44 Comment. This is probably a reference to REC0-6, 45 Comment, An American negro successfully penetrated an organ in Luzon, according to this report. 46. Comment. This is a reference to Filipino Temporary Police- men. TatI OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009200110009-3