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November 16, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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October 16, 1951
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u ~~ Qppr-oved Fo r elease16?it ID00 COUNTRY nungary REPORT. NC.K.._. :Topic Szekesfeheryar-5osto Airf ?w/~' EVALUATION., ?PLACE OBTAINE?. 25X1 A 215X1A DATE OF CONTENT 5X1 A ? E_ EPA83L~ D 16 October I~ ATE OBTAI NED REFERENCES 5X1A Q PAGES REMARKS SOURCE 5XM 5X1X e in the northern sec i.o ,a of t i f iel Danz e p, o a-a...J z J . Possible runvia construction or eniar7eraent via,, underviav at the . aiddle of the landing field. An area of about i oo x 150 meters was being e:acavat'ed by 50 workers. .c n additional 30 to 40 laborers were ;railing the area between the landing field and - railroad line. *** On 25 July, three bi lanes with red stars were observed in the southern section of the airfield from a passing train. Excavating and construction of buildings was being done in the field s.r.?ea,~:. x CLASSIFICATION G I3T ~ll~ us OZF FIC Tk~,.IS 01 LLY REFEROcurnen! CIO. 00 NOT RIRGULATE 1. Between 4 and 6:30 p.m. on 16 July 1951 there was no flying at Szekesfehervar-Sosto (Q 48/E 09) airfield although the' weather was faire It appeared that the field was exclusively occupied by Hungarian Air Force. A total of about 200 Hungarian soldiers wearing .white-bordered blue epaulets were obser. .red. 2. An old reconditioned l angar and. two hangars under construction were observed in the southern section off' the field. Three single-engine lot^a-cwwing monoplanes,. probably with radial engines tail wheels and two- .bladed propellers and two twin engine planes, prohab: y Yww th radial engines anr' s::n~le rudder assei,.b.9_ies were parked near the reconditioned hangar, ' ire tail. assemblies of, the planes were red-white-green. Repaired three. story barracks buildings located 3ccLi I erl *.;< d 1 ?, 1 ft 1 1 Date: _ Q AKIR$__ By: 4L(/---- ~~FaaS6~P~"tI H CWistg d To: TS S Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP H457r:R0M00220005= PR DAT