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November 16, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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October 16, 1951
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Approved COUNTY ..,..,:...=a.~oP.Qw?o?w-.~.a.....-a.o., TOPIC ~ _ ~r,,,xs nn ^^r l-A n" r' on-n EVALUAT IO3~ PLACE OBTAIN D .,_.. 25X1A DATE OF CONTENT DATE OBTAINED A.,r.,,e,+. 10el - ,, 11_+"l- 'or" REFERENCES PAGES -ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) SOURCE 1, From :larch 1919 to April 1951, a Soviet unit of about 60 men, under the cornaand of a sublieutenant, was quartered in a castle near the Ronafoe dairyfare, 8 imi southwest of i arovar (P b8/y 16)., A -torkshop for the manufacturing of dummies used for target practice was also housed in the castle. A bombing range has existed since 191L8 and was to I. lc east of Ronafoe. Five control towers wore located on two edges of the bombing range and connected by telephone lines with the castle. .0un mios repro-. sonting tancs, aircraft, guns, trains, railroad eubankments, bridges, and fire trenches were trucked from Fonafoo to the bomb-. ,n,-, ra ge? 2 Source observed that twin-engine bothers flying in three flights of three planes each appeared daily about 9 a.-,I, if the reathor was favorable? The aircraft approached the targets three or four times,,releasing bombs on each approach, The next group practiced bombin about half an hour later. During the interval., a single--en ine reconnaissance plane appealed and probably took photographs of the results. According to local residents.; the bombers came from Austria. 11tunerous telephone lines were observed leading 'from i1onafoo Castle to all sides, such as to L,osons&olnol:-- . osonszent ja los (F' b8/Y 05) and to :aaZ rarovar (P b8/ ! 19).a * 25X1X Cotvaent. 1' or location sketch of bombing range,., see annean, This is the irs t report on r onafoe bombing .range. a The statement by local residents may be correct since exercises by bombers of the F i ty.1bnth Air law which is stationed in Austria have been repeatedly observed in the llunCar:i an border area by another source. - 1 Aninox: One sketch on ditto, CLASSIFICATION w T)RITY IN!ORI ATION IBC,-- ~.~.~ fLV..ENTTh Document No. -------- ------ P'e lra r- s in Class. D l Vass. -ztd To: TS S I Zvi 1l-'k10.2 BY: E? ~!~ -- Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009200220007-3 I