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December 14, 2016
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January 10, 2001
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November 7, 1951
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Approved For Release 2001/0 ? ,FrItH9PM-00457R0092003 Ifikill-44j v 1 mu CLASSIFICATION .. ..., Grer.,vzs,.., V.E.f7 02IOTALo ONL7 CENTUE )41 iffiaidNCY INFORMATION REPORT COWRY Germany (Russian Zone) SUBJECT Miscellaneous DOR Reichsbahn Information PLACE ACQUIRED 25X1A DATE OF INFO. 25X1C NOT CIRCULATE REPORT NO, CD NO.. DATE DISTR. NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO IL 7 Nov. 1951 2 25X1X L. The passenger tariff conference held in Oslo, Norway, beginning 25-2eptember 1951, was attended by Director-General 'erwin Kramer )(free) littsken and (fnu) Lange of the Reichsbahn rain Office. 2. The reparations rail shipment collecting point at Leipzi.I2ageitz 13 being expanded. 3. The Reichsbahn coal supply, not including the iron reserve, stood at 6,.5 dayls requirement at the end of Septedeer 3951. 4. Twelve additional nm-15 Soviet mdlitary aircraft were delired at Driest, near 'Brandenburg, recently. The 2eichsbahn is still struggling with :dans to reroute and reschedule all trains now running through the western sectors of Derlin. The goal is to eliminate all transit traffic except Allied niUtary trains,. 6. It is planned to shut down the roundhouse in Derlin,Grunewald (:ritish Sector) and transfer maintenance activities to Seddin. Some personnel have already been moved. 7. On both 26 and 27 September 1951, a special train made up of 16 passenger coaches and two freight cars departed from Frankfurt/Oder under dispatch. to Brest.. Thirty-six hours later, each train returned through Frankfurt/ Oder and rolled on in the direction of Hallo. The train orders stated that these nem hauling German specialists, technicians, and engineera, 8. Indicative of the locomotive shortage is a recent directive by Director, General Kramer to the effect.' that the =regiment of lone engines has ITiority over express trains. 9. Fourteen 50-ton low-bed flatcars were ordered to tand by in the yarc3.s at Berlin-Lichtenberg during the first week in October. CLASSIFICATION thieement NC ... No Change In Class. El Declassified cw,4i1 41/fp S S co STATE 3c NAVY x M RS r? DISTRIBUTION I ARMY 3tk AIR X FBI Nati: -' 4 1 . Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009200350009-7 Approved For Release 200ij3i&ONiEi SE T/bONTROL - U.S. OFFIC ALS ONLY SECURITY INFO:MT= CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY ? 1114 57R009200350009-7 25X1A 10, Since about 25 August 1951, a train of 15 passenger coaches arrives in Frankfurt/oder from the Soviet Union, about every four or five days. The same train returns empy after unloading. The westbound loaded trains have the train numbers 7118 and 7120; the eastbound empty trains have the numbers 7117 and 7119, These trains carry Russian girls aged between 17 and 21. At Frankfurt/Odor the girls change to other trains and denart for 'erbig, Cottbus, Berlin and other coints 11. The 1-e.E7t Mark income of the ReiChsbahn for the month of July, 1951, was derived from and in tho amounts as shown below: Berlin S-Bahn DM-1;900,000 (West) Interzonal passenger t.-affic 711,600 " Interzonal freight trf.ffit 103,700 41 Intrazonal nassehger ;raffle 388,400 11 Intrazonal freight traffic 876,300 11 Sundry 20,800 if - TOTAL ?11?1111110.? DM-4,000,800 (West) Interzone/ traffic providss West :fiteks from movement of passengers and goods between Western Germany and ''est Berlin. Intrazonal traffic concerns movements from 7est Berlin to points within the DDR. Only RBD Berlin takes in Wnst Larks, CONFIUNT141. Approved For Release 201066erdA-RDP82-00457R009200350009-7