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November 9, 2016
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March 25, 1999
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November 30, 1951
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Sa-niti2*&.6'ApPe6Vbd ` `'I L'f6 (6 : CIA-RDP82-0045`7R00 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE A{ E:NCy' I N" R MATN REPOR169- JBBJEC Re ar. A :iarz in 5 trumic;t to tine tJDB F,xecutior of Five Students 25X1X )ATE D(STP, 3C :;U%' 51 NO. OF PAGES I. NO. OF ENCLS (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO 25X1A REPORT NO. 1,, Thousands of people attended the funerals in Strumica of, five students killed by the UDB near Dorlobosn ~ The Militia was unable to prevent people from entering the cemetery,, The bodies' were examined at the cemetery by Dry Alexandar Belev, the fa th4 I' of one of the victims, who stated that the bodies had been mistreated and that the students were shot from. a short distanced The body of Doris Belev had many bruises on it-and-two bullet 20 The Town Committee of the Communist Party became concerned because of . reaction of the people in .Strumica to the news of the death of the < students, and they decided to hold meetings in various enterprises in Strumica to explain that the students were lawfully killed while they were attempting to escape to ('reece. 3b Risto Pilicev, Organisation Secretary of the Town Committees was. ordered to speak at a meeting held in a. brick factory on 16 August 19, 1. Pili.cev told the workers present that t; e students were sons of bourgeois parents, No stated that Kiro Topcev, the fat-her of the murdered stude-erat, Stevo- was a tavexii keeper pr?ir.r to -.Jorid nz 11 and had exploited the. poor peoplc;y moreover, that Tu she ' Ja.raj v ; the father of Ccor'gi JJarmov,, was a factory oiner prior to World d'Iar? 11 sn had e p.~o t;~;d his workers. He futher stated that Dr0 Velev wc , now ex >l.o'Iting the, poor people and was earning 50,000 dinars per month from their ee~ .see ;: Pilicev said that these persons were not liquidated after the war bec ,use 11 it was hoped that they would improve their behavior in the new society, The sons of these men were permitted to attend schools, :but they did ever thing in their power, against the Communist Party and the State1r Therefore,, according to Pilicev? it was right that they should be killed while attempting to escape to Greece? Pil.icev warned that this would happen to arq+one, that tried to escape fro r Yugcsl,avia0, I"I'Man1 iTRl'f JCZ JCZ _fT LMAVY Fet FBI Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457R009200540015-9.. ~ i ~~ ~E