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November 16, 2016
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January 10, 2000
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December 6, 1951
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Approve(teIM&MIgb00D0aGLTVE,tI DP82-00457R009400030009-025 ' l .!T r r 0r, r:rttT a t L7a a GU CENTRAL. INTEL. a, IMENCE :G ENCY REPOR161N0. INFORMATROFM REPORT" OD NO, tOUN"h ail.ef'A~a,~tria l' )U B,J ECT Attempt of 01r a Poblete to Attend PLACE A CCQUIRED DATE OF, I '4 FOW 2. Ti . i. wltation to t'ie r,eeting was recot.? e d by the Secretary Goner.-al of the Ch laa..n Pro Peace Iiavement,w Guillermo del Pedregf, 1) and it was e:). nr d by Pal.adei a l3orzari of the World Peace Council in the nano of the P: ?o ident,, Joliot-Gi r. e9 Since del Pedregal was preoccupied with his duti.o,:~ as treae car=er of Carlos banes del. C:a, t s pronidentiel c a'?.paig . lie decl,ii ed. the invitation nnd designated Pobie to, e leader in the pro. peace novent, to go in his place:, T1119 World Peace Co nr'sci.l reportedly f urn:9 sh.ert the money for travel expenses for. Pohlete for a. two-north trip,, the Foreign Office advised the Chilean Embassy that Poblet0s passport would not be renewed for her travel to Vienna to attend the pro-peace meetingu questing that her passport be ,filed to Argent: . without delay., However, Buenos Aires, Poblete demanded that the Chi.l.e Embassy send a evahle to.. would a delay, she departed for Buenos Aires by air. Upon erx'ival in and return of her passports, and when told by the Foreign Office that there Chilean police for security clearan ce Poblete d.ea .nded. tmediate renew .l. Vienna Peace ;Meeting 25X1A ATE D ti`C"'~. 6 DJC 51 NO. OF. PAGES I NO.. OF ENCLS.: BUSTED BELOW SUPPLEMENT M. REPORT NO. l,, Olga Poblete, prominent Chilean woman Coinmu nir t, has been pr .,vented from accepting an invitation to attend a neetia g of the World Peace Council in Vienna, Austria,* by the action of the Chilean Gavernmenct. On I N.f ember 1951 Poblete precept ed her Chilean passport to the Foreign Office for renew .l, and . f: ?ora . there it was cent to the 1:nvest..gac ne s ctien of the 25X1, Comment, The Vienna eting was scheduled for the first week in November C t The Gol au zist newspaper p2ri2c:~aqiLjE~ has printed bitter attacks against the Chi1.een Government for its action in this ease,, and has poi xted to it- as an a le of miexxt subservience to tey' oe,i dictatim', Document No, --------------- ----- Pis Change In Class. Declassified Mass= Changed To: TS S 0 AWL.- l 70.2 ' CLASSIFICATION curvy ISl"susob I I EARS>~Ri t~~it~ r Approved For-Release 2000/04/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009400030009-0 By.