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December 14, 2016
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April 2, 2003
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November 23, 1951
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JRTELLOF,JX 11 COUNTRY SUBJECT 25X1 PLACE ACQUIRED 25X1 DATE OF INFO. 25 25X1 120 drums of coal tar and one ton of scrap iron. 60 drums of coal tar and 50 tons of cement. 130 drums of coal tar and 20 tons of iron plate. 9 cases of photographic supplies and 35 drums of gasoline. 500 empty gasoline drums and 2 tons of scrap iron. Aran em t gasoline drums. 25X1 25 drums of gasoline. 70 drums of gasoline and 36 drums of coal tar. 52 drums of gasoline, 360 drums of coal tar, 240 pieces of iron plate, 18 cases of machinery parts, and 32 bundles of lead Wire. 72 drums of gasoline and 2 tons of scrap iron. 15 drums of gasoline and 42 drums of coal tar. bundles of zinc plates and Its drums of gasoline., , b'Y 25X1 ?Af8 "=060T Comm= IR M18RAt1O0 AFFECt4 OTC UAAl0WAt.OAFEN$R OF THE AgtT6o BL?YEC WtYRUR THE mEARtttO Or TAE "PIONAFB ACT EO 1. S. C.. 29 AR'C OR. M Ai1RW060. !A8 TAOOWClO0 OR t8@ REV . T OB oP tTA Cm'WREtfl in AM NADUER Ta AR OWA9VAOEt3ED FEWeR es PRO' LI L 'J srnrE 6 Karr svs~ze fii`r: X-40 a DV Approved For Release 2003/08/12: CIA-RDP82-00457R00 1 ?02- C Approved For Release-2Q 7 CLASSIFICATION SL IMTT'l =,,IV CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO. INFORMATION RE.PORT CD NO. China/Mac ao DATE DISTR., 23 Nov 1951 Shipments from Macao to Communist China NO. OF PAGES I _PF EP CLS. DO NOT CIRCULATE SU~RT 10T TO THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 1. The Nan Kuang Company made the following shipments by water from Macao to Kongmoon. 2. The following shipments were sent from Macao to Canton by water Nan Kuang Company of Macao. ?- CONFIDFNTIAI 25X1 25X1