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December 22, 2016
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March 14, 2011
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November 30, 1951
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{ClAMPTT)PmMT AT_ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R009400160011-3 __;.._.~...._.. ~.-r5~,?.,,.:.T ~.., ,T, ,. ~,~ 50X1-HUM Y CD NO. ,,NitLL4fj 14 f W A I N 11IL-VVM . CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT a COUNTRY Ccrz-iany (Russian Zone) SUBJECT .Iciss-Jena; Production of ;3a; .tier?' PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. DATE DISTR. 30 Nov. 1951 NO. OF PAGES _ - HsHS rok ~r^, -! 7 TIUD DOCSC}EN4 COCtTAW S INBOD66ATt.D APPEC47HG 4AE nATIOHAL DEPENSD OP TEE IH HTDD STATED t9ITNUH THE 12SAWING OP T o& ESPID9tAGE AC4 50 t. A. C.. at AND 32. A$ AMENDED. FT5 TSMSMISSIOD Ott THE DEVELATLOn ENCLS. 3 LOW) ~MENT TO NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 10 In the middle of July there was a conference at Askenia in Teltow concerning; the production of nautical eq_t; ;nenta on the reparations account (sic )g for t:ie Seepolizei and the seagoing merchant vessels of the DDR. for the year 1951-52. 'M-1e following personalities ?rcre at this conference: a. A reprerontative of Ashnniaw b0 Walter Chemnitz of the Hauptverwaltung reinmechanik and Optik of the Iiinistry for Machine Construction. ed A representati-, of '~clii.ffnnnrft Stralsund:, d. An officer of the Scepolizei e w A representative of the SCC f a ')r, :Iut;o Schrac'o of "eiss--Jena. be frc the R~1311 and the containers will be wade by Zeiss-Jena, 2. A lecture was riven by Dr. 3chraOe on C !1u; ust 1951 about this conference to all dciartnent hea(s, SincicliU ,;q scientists, etc, of Zeiss. His discourse concerned forr>or production and f utuie production in 1951 and 1952 o In Teltorr the discussion t:-as prosl )ly mainly about shoats., ?ee of raw materials (and their quality) in the DDR. The types of oquipr.-cnt discussed padre the f o1 lot7inI : a. =o-Cors;~assos (Krcisel Korapass) Production and. research was for wrly carried out by Askania., but they are not satisfied as to the duality, of the "SaVfiyr-Lag-ernteine" (sapphire fulcrum stone). AsItania was comr_ussioned to continue the productl'on for 1951/1952 and improve development. The supply of "Sapbyrateine" will ocument No. --------- No Change In Class. [l Declassified Class. Changed To: TS S I n.ru.. nn -L ONFIDOTM Dae: CLASSIFICATION . x tHMAvY ( x Ix AAR FBI DISTRIBUTION I art FV I---_ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R009400160011-3 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R009400160011-3 CONFIDENTIAL CMITRAL IIJTELLIGENCE AGEIICY be Hearin; aorapasa (Induktions and Faders-Kompass) Similar conditions to those in (a) above. The development and'production will be conducted by Askaniao c. kas- (Log) Askania will develop logs with the electrical connections of the drive (sic) supplied by the RFT. They will have a complete monopolyo. Sounding eciuiprient As'cania will produce the (Thomsen-Lot", and the R1!11 the 'Mehmeache Echo- Lot" . e, Pelorus or bearing compasses (Peilscheiben) The development of those will be undertaken by Askania with the attached telescopes, ote., supplied by the "Optischc ;der'_:e., Rathenow"o Magnifica- tion will be increased in. the telescope from. 2.5 to 30 X. There will be no other firms in competition, f. Compass magnifiers (Kompass-Lupen) For enlarging compass readings (steering). Production and development by 'iskania and ithenow optical viori:ao Clear view screcn4 (Klar. ,i,chtsc.ieiben) These are fitted on the bridge of vessels to throw off spray or rain (they consist of a rotating glass disc). The production will be carried- out by Askania but the glass will be supplied by Schott (Jena).* See paragraph 3a below. ho Artificial horizon (Ktinstlicher Horizont-Kim-n-.lcsoar) Development and production by the Hildebrandt firm of Freiberto i. Heeling recorder (Kr?tngungsmesser) Production and development by Schiffswerft, Stralsundl;in conjunction with Askania. sextants (Sextanten) The devclo-'-lilt and production of the sextants will be conducted by the Hildebrandt firm in i?'reibergq The principal difficulty encountered in production is that of the reflecting mirror on the am of the sextant reflecting direct rays from the sun. The mirrors will be supplied by Schott (Jena). (3y means of a better melting process the glass, it is hoped, will be free of fa.i.lts). Position iiits (Positionslaternen) To be prod-aced by various fires in the DDIt (nw^mea urt molnt). The main criticism conccried the poor containers for the la.ips which hitherto have not been water tight. In addition, the internal fittings Were not properly secured, which, caused poor electrical contacts and shorts. The screws and other fittings more poor and caused corrosion. CONFIDENTIAL -.r u ~ dooarmr~r-~r _ T1'AS . OFFI('T 1 T.c- r *tt ~~ Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R009400160011-3 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R009400160011-3 ,CONFIDENTIAL - Ue+)o l CEUUTRAL IIJTELLIGEi;CE %M21CY 3- 1, ,e--finders telesco s di measuring instrunent. etc, (Entfcrnungsrmesser, Spezialfernrohre, Kimm Tiefen-&Tcaser The development of this equipment will be conducted by Zeiss (Jena) However, the Seepolizei representative reported that specifications for vessels which were planned for the future for the Seepol.izei force had not yet been definitely settled and consequently no plans for equip- ment could be specified, a, Clear view screens Askania has. given an order for the first 150 clean-vier screens to Schott (Jena). The order called for specifications as shown on attached sketch, (See Sketch 1) The first difficulty encountered vas with the production of a steel frame for the screens but these will be supplied by the end . of Septeriber 19:14 (Suppliers at present un:nown). Askkania has de ru .nded. the immediate production of the screens, but another difficulty that the Schott firm is encountering is the cutting of the 304 M diameter circle, This task will be given to the Zeiss smirks. 50X1-HUM Type of glass: Diameter of hole : Askania order (Auf trag;snummcr): Glass-Discs (Teilkreia-Scheiben) Kris'all-Spi a elglas 612 x43.2 mm (toes mm) Thickness: 5 m 304 mm (? 0.2 mm) 79103-91>0002 for 200 glass discs (use unknovm)o Schott has received an order from Zeiss Specifications are as follows: Glass: rfeasurcnents: ZR5 (Zink-Kron-Glas) 150x150mm. Thickness: 5 mm with facet 20 mm ride 'I ` dress of edge at facets 4 m Use of these glass plates un1mown. (Ske:tch No, 2, together with glass specifications, No4 3, attached). Comriont: Formerly Schott and Gcnosz en, now Jenaer Glaswork (VV13 OPtij, located in Jena. 'CONFIDENTIAL Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/03/14: CIA-RDP82-00457R009400160011-3