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December 14, 2016
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September 13, 2000
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October 31, 1951
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~`- Approved For Releas 28MION......., -PLACE OBTAINED DATr (M f:f1NTF'NT 97 ~'~nt.carnfwr i.n r s ;rt.nhnr 't r7r;1 AMi TAI N ED I P 1ICES.,.,.,, 25X1 'AGES? .w.,.~...ENCLOSURES (NO. & TYPE) 25X1X to On .27 September 191, source observed a convoy of 14 trucks carrying about 300 troops ? field cquiprment and towing eight model 1938 122 mm artillery, pieces 25X1 C on In Amniraer Damn about 7 P.m,,. (1) eight 5U 100 SP guns left-'the Albrecht der Baer Kaserno about the same time, driving toward the training area on. m Arniiaer Damxi. (2) a briefing hold in the officers quarters on Liablmechtstraisso at 'IJ `p4m0 on 20 September was attended by about uO officers. Two generals arrived in sedan 25X1X One genera]. had two star,3o 25X1 C 25X1 e 25X:1 X Soviet troops ;b re seen engaged in o::, ercisos in the area of Uonu1inCen, Schernikau and Steinfeld on 2 Octobero Telephone sections strung lines from the IIindonburg and six trunks carrying troops and town; seen between Uenzlinnen and SchernUcau0 25X1 C 25X1X CLASSIFICATION MIN tWUNITIAI Approved For Release 2002/01/16 : l'o C an,,zt+ ?f$ IIHa8r 7 Vr o-,+ ~pl~.yyp(L~~~n~ RELY. w Bye seen driving toward Uenglinger Tor? DATE PREPARED The road to Stoinfeld was cs. Local residents s , d that exercises were frequently held south of Steinfeid? In to evening of 30 September, a convoy of 20 trucks towing 6 x 76.2--z= artillery pieces and another convoy of 10 trucks tcnring 4 x 76.2 -mm artiller;r pieces were Sixt;eean groups of 40 to L5 soldiers each marched into the Tauentzie~n Kasibrne at about 6 p.m. on 6 October, coning from Uen;l nger Strasse0 The unit was .headed by five field-grade officers, a rii1i'-.ary band and a furled flag, The soldiers of 15 groups Wore crimson epaulets., :%ncluding, sone with artillery and signal ins *nia, and the soldiers of the la;7t group rod-bordered black epaulets with 25X11 X Approved For Release 2002/01/1 RD 457R009400480001-9 31iVlL /COU iLULk/ S Vi',1 25X1A MWCou~aentZ. .he artillery pieces belong to the 207th sA o -Uyt 693d How Arty Regt 'which is carried in 21P 13 (4) t5) Stendal.a Information obtained in the course of 1951 tends to indicate that units of the regiment are stationed in the Albrecht der Baer lasorne and at Borstel airfield. The information confirms the quartering in the Albrecht der Baer Krserne of elements of the 16th (?) T ztegt of the 207th Utz Rifle Div. See The house referred to as officers' quarters was previously reported as an officers' club. The general w .th two stars is a lieutenant i-eneral, ong to headquarter:,, units of the Third Shock Army and the MIX Utz Rifle Corps, and to ','.,he 207th Utz Rifle Div and the Uq GO ., em,aictea y units quartered 7 7 ndal, The convoy observed on 30 Sep- * 1 rabl eras rnt i f th ur o the exercnas vest of Stondal tiger. e y p n . C r w ese exerca se+90 25X1 A According to several reports indicating that infantry troops are quartered in the Tauentzien serne, it s believed that a motorized rifle s.:a imont a." the 207th Utz Rifle Div is r_:uartered therero '7E - T IAL , couTJ4 L/u 3 Q TICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2002/01/16 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009400480001-9