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December 14, 2016
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September 13, 2000
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October 31, 1951
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EVALUATION DATE OF CONTENT. 2&rjCJBTAtNED ~ ~ CES RAGES. REMARKS 4-L~ 'c t i nt I k IV 42W '.Q lu 0 0.10 , LA lU On 6.October 1951 the cater in tl,o woods south o;' oltc, in the and orhuette (I' ~a3/y 73) training area was occupied,. to capacity by troos who wore epatclets and red-bordered black epaulets. 25X1 C were seen ontcrint, the carp. Vehicles observed between "'an . 6chceren. drivinr in W. 3cheeron, 25X1 C About .120 t rue we 25X1 C were seers on ? tho roadows orderinC; the Elbe River near Polte. Ten low wooden barracks buildin. 4 ach 25X1 X a urin.^ 5 x 5 x 2..,-1 meters, vie -re boint. erected on the rr eadmus.; They :_iweru 'E 25X1 X ap,parenLly to quarter troops. 2. tcct' or , about 12 rioters hi -h,. was observed near the so-'c,%Slecl track r eadosrs - on the 101c River south wst of Jerichow. Local residents said that $oviot troop canpac there J.r. Lent:s witil 2'? September. 3. A Soviet ofll'icer said Vint r.,c,st of t. o troops stayirk: in the -'olto area Would ra ?aa n there throu, :ho'ut October, and s one o Z than would a71Q ec'ly stay in the camps ,:Iso throu, hout the winter,, Local residents said that the troops in t ha carip i'lcludoc: some from . oriobcrc and Darby, They were alle edly ex-. char-ad on 20 and 21 September. i.. About 3~ soldiers rrcr,.. seen working on logs in the troop quarters in "anger- mm cnco {I:` 53/Y 31;) on 0 October. 3wreral stacks of pneumatic rafts, and trenchiri.L? tools and 5 ?rontoon mere seen in the yard. Five more pontoons, rrF.nrhren+ nr,7 tt?......v.. .._.' ' 25X1 C 25X1X , MR rr,,ent The known camp in the woods is located r-_,orth est Of ?else rather th t} an soo ' Cu the towM Anth4 .*s .o::r source r:portec: that the ci.r