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December 14, 2016
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September 13, 2000
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December 13, 1951
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, ITELLOFAX 0 COUNTRY INFORMATION RE-PORT tS T,li1I Tl .L JAL LV CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO. Approved For Release=2002161 RD282-00457RrQO9440048Q9Q8-2 CLASSIFICATION b-W9 fr1X i uL ' U.S. Or W.M'S L4 " Gerna.ny (Russian Zone) SUBJECT Manufacture of Mine-weeping Gear in the Wo7..gast Peene-Shipyard 25X1A PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO, Da CD NO,. U 25X1A DATE DISTR., 13 December 1951, NO.. OF PAGES 1 NO. OF ENCLS9 (LISTED BELOW OT CIFFCULATE REPORT NO. lu x'ine-sti.ee_' ing-: equipment manufactured in the Peene Shipyard, ;vol ;ast (4003"11 13046tTe) includes: a. Sweeping apparatus for acoustic nines a The sweep consists of a metal floating body, similar to a torpedo, and is about 2 meters long a At the rear end of the floating body is a pro,,-,eller with adjustable blade, the shaft of which drives centrifugal rollers nhich produce a lo=ad noise when in motion. This noise can be increased or reduced by regulating the rotational speed of the shaft. The apparatus is towed by a vessel and its required flcatin,; depth can be set on a depth-keeping device o bm Sweeping apparatus for s__agnetic mine The Fear consists o_. a hollo:, body wit'i :,wo strong cables fitted inside. These cables project from the floating body at its nose and are connected to the hull of the vessel, thus producing an induction .field. The depth of the swooping gear can be ad; ustecI ',,y a depth-keeping device, c. "weeping gear for electric nine:r... This fear has the code name of Lie tilting 'ets and is egnip_:ed with a srr.~~ll internal combustion ens-ine driving a generator? flo floating bodies of this gear were seem d n Six sweeping fears for acoustic mines and the sane nursber of .sweepthg ,ears for , agnetic mines were seen in the tube-maker's shop in the :olfa:.t Peene-Shipyard on 22 April 1951. 25X1A -Commento This is probably the dynamo for the sweeping gear for magnetic mines iii, Comment. These sweepin ; ;sears were probably ardered by the ;ea 25X1A -o)ice o =,e Soviet Zone of Gel-many., since ':.olE_ast became a base of the Sea Police in early 195l. 25X1A Man. Ta: TS sd'fl IF -D Approved For Release 2002/01/16 : C 25X1X Wei ---- BY: 2-7-2-