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December 14, 2016
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September 13, 2000
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November 1, 1951
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"gyp ove C"~or7~"e~'' t I .: 0"..'71777, Sa COUNTRY Germany (Soviet !o to) !ntalr Dessau Airfield -VALUATION DATE OF CONTENT' % QSTAINED_.. REFERENCES- SM1[lt$ITy AIOid ..:ENCLOSURES (No. & TYPI ,..__.... !EMARKS. UPM 71 Mat OURCE 25)&'6 Sq~etvre.m'5slt5 and 6 pamo on 2 Octoloer~ no aircraft were observed at Dessau airfield, Billeting equi.ta ;nt was hairs r on fvr.,; eii,4- , . ___ The building of the .Lorraer Otto L dor r 2 4 On 8 [actor ors tho field sva, occuLpi;d by a brut 50 sin I 1 o-e ?:ino osaatr l , -cot'-.wi monoplanes which were parkcd in trra rows on the south 1 ' ' c;rn edge oft 1 e fildo s h oo plrlnes probably arrived on 5 Octob x< Billetin e ui t ; q p ra rris win- un1ac~cd fa .r orm, a' frcil-ht train on the snot tr - a(ntri,c , w,:arint, t,1ack,--bordare-d blue " opaal?to ware 25X1 C ob;;ervocl t'xere? lc ;C-oc? Frith - a : r ?o n fslf th ara -,ues-e oeircxft'' typo crh;;ervo4d at a.o_ c.~ e ? l/li( installation to.rard town The fusela;a had a white-bord ered ioviot star nn," X1 25X1 C 25X1A 25X Comaacnt. on tr1~r,rr:,and attack planes of , typo anti previous re' arts indica e t":air tessau airfield is occupied by the ground: attack ra i.aorit from Staaken, Sri.??aents ',)f Y ,~ ?ound cot ononts from Staal-on en rotate to Ile:,sa> w re ob a ?e.~ 1-1-- - , - - -, .. . - c, vaaxen about noon on 5 October 191?J, 25X1 C CLASSIFICATION 51: Approved For Release 2002/0 Document No. no /-hange - ---- 0c-ota a 4 d k~ Is GI a!,cr.a To: TS S (VJ,. :y~~rQ 7R0094OQ48O0 _ - teal' ,[ B Yj 25X1 C