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December 14, 2016
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June 16, 2003
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November 1, 1951
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COUNTRY Appro edkPbII_IIIeW' ,-Germany (Soviet Zone) Soviet Lil.itary Pail Shi.ptnents DATE OF CONTENT 13 to 16 October 1-951 25X1 RAOES- ENCLOSURES (NO. & 'HYPE) 25X1 25X1 Al`E PREPARED .._- E3ARKS 25 25X1 1, The folloviing alilitry shipments were Frankfurt/Oder railroad station Shipment 25X1A 30 boxcars and 1.9 flatcars with air force soldiers wearing blue epaulets 2 boxcars with new storage batteries 1.0 boxcars with military goods; 25X1A 1 boxcar with military goods 25X1A From-.To Neu.ruppin to Erect-Litovsk Frankfurt/Oder to Erfurt-Nord Fr anlrfur t/Osier to Satzkorn 26 boxcars with from direction of air force Eberswalde toward soldiers and 26 Reppen and Brest- flatcars with Litovsk large containers 1.3 boxcars and Boehlen to 12 tank cars with K.hhabinka gasoline and 20 empty refrigera- tor cars . ~- No. - _------------------- Ro VM LI Cv Cl ? _. Approved For Release 2003/08/12: ClA-Rl?F $I -004 ee5 I0 B -8-- Approved For Release 2003/08/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009500100006-4 25X1A 25X1 Shipment 3 boxcars with atnr tm t ion 10 boxcars with are unit i n 2 boxcars with unrnuna..tion 2 boxcars with am murn.tion 17 boxcars with wheat I boxcar with military goods Bros!,-' Litovsk to Dresden-Elbufer Brest-Litovsk to .AIten r bov Brest-Litovsk to Kapen Brest-Litovsk to Fuer stenbe r g to ~luel .rose Frank 1'urt/,,') der to Jueterbo 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009500100006-4 Approved For Release 2003/08/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009500100006-4 ' 25X1 Shipment 53 empty boxcars 1 boxcar with military roods 2 boxcars with military goods 8 boxcars with military goods 7 boxcars with wheat 2 boxcars with sofia '5 boxcars with soldier.-, 18 empty boxcars a'td 3 OmPty flatcars 12 boxcars with military f7or,cls 1 boxcar with military goods; 23 boxcars with military goods; ii flatcars with iron sheets and ? boxcar with eng; iries I boxcar with technical spare parts 4 boxcars with wine and vodka 3 boxcars with military goods From-To unknown to Brest-Litovsk Brost...Litovsic to Kirchmoe.ser Brest-Litovsk to Ketsc.hendorf Brest-Litovsk to Velten Ftier sten-erg/Oder to iitzeltrose S assfurt to Ketschendorf K.uestri.n...border to Rosengarten Frankfurt/ to Satzkorn Frankfurt/Oder to IYiuell_r. ose Frankfurt/Oder to Eberswwralcte Brest-Litovsk to Chenlni.t z Brest-Litovsk to Velten Brest-Litovsk to L?rescie-n- l_bL,,fer Bre at.-Litov8 to '.tue.!...Lrose 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009500100006-4