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November 16, 2016
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April 25, 2000
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January 7, 1952
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PI~ACCX -- I 5K& J.~ 25 Apprgved For ReleaseOd '~00457R009500270 IN Utz iko v REPORT NO. A T O T CD No, tss':r'4'a.n:.'..r Ilospitt4 of the iX h Ar "t 25X1A "0'U.RE C ?F. F 25X1 A DATE DISIR, r jAi4 52 NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW SUPPLEM? ENT TO Tbo vrtex-inar?r hhoepital of the Sixth Ax r is located in Sarajevo,, an the quay o-f _-:ToJ4ode Stet--, It cbcc>:pies the building of the fonler 1 istro4i~.mgeriir, ;:r ? s s ti ?, near the Dolach a on the road to flidze Captain . fe t diro torn of t .e hospita?, and i r . jor tnikola `i`rnincic is the ,:: a'.ti cl co rcr~`Issas. Although the hospital is not a provided Frith r odern =etvri.rxry e pie t, it is considered to be the most coyrplete of its kind 'a th : entire evdbiic of Bosnia and t?ereegovina, The i.nstrta eats are for 1-,r e Part etr?ir!i lied or cot prise i.r loot. The hospital is conpoced ~..>-. > h47 following sections or depart; nte: ii. ~k e,el 0-r . aeninistrative, headed by Captain Vef k 7 rz .zic, . 5` gez y d orjar i e=at;, headed by Captal.n' Josip Bijelen; &_pa rtment for contagious diseases, headed by Captain Bunuee' c; =- t.ox , headed by Captain Begovie, director of the hospital; and T i copi also .ham,-; aded L Captain 0'osip Bl jelen. The phaa cy is a , ?k. .ely suq(111ed ti it>h domestically produced medicines and other _`6 =.c f. oe :C,m- r"tod from Gernat3.,~v. kio'wover, there is a lack, of drtu s such as diertic.i .in, strep ty-cin, ann. sulf amid inn.. I"- z"_'Cpit has a pe zPw t staff of appionxinate y 70 men compr;.sing officers, + f icers and end sted r n. On the staff of veterinary :a ,o ^,y_.ct , there is an assistant veterinary officer for