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November 17, 2016
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June 1, 2000
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November 13, 1951
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TEAL Approved For Release 2008/ I, jW457 GOUIVTRY.~.._,. R '. (aovic v n REPORT NO. EVALUATi DATE OF CONTE DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES PAGES_ 2 ENCLOSURES REMARKS.,. 25X1X 1. No chan?-es in the occupation of Cary, Dittkau (i`,; 53,/Y 83) were observed prior to 13 October, About half of tyro, troo;.:s observed there wore black epaulots and the other half red bordered black epaul cts . There wore no indications of a forthcoming departure of the troo-:s. On the contrary, source believed that the troops were to stay in the camp, because the billeting area was further inrnrove d, A total of 12 earth bunkers wore completed in the western section of the camp and fenced in in groups of three. Twelve large amphibious vehicles,and numerous trucks were seen '.nthe open garages. Source observed a convoy o 40 trucks, including L?i.ttkau toward Tangerhuette, 25X1 C leavinc* C I 2, On 15 October, 100 to 120 )ontoons, several piles of beans, boards, and large and snail pneumatic rafts were lying on the Elbe River meadows near Polte. About 2C0 troops were engaged in miscellaneous work at the equip- ment dummrp. Several pneumatic rafts, including t :,o with outboard motors, rare se;-.,n on the Elbe giver with 6 to soldier: c:n each raft. Two field kitchens wore in operation in a barn, Trucks C 25X1 C were parked at the barn. Six trucks coupled to 37--mm AA guns were lined 25X1 C up at a point about 500 meters northeast of Polte. One of the trucks was The wooden shed about 1 krm northeast of Polte was occupied by 1 officer and " engineer T.1% It radio car with as 6-meter antenna stood be, -'de the shed. Local residents said that the troo :s in Camp S ittlcau nu; mbered 6)00 to 800. A double line of heavy field wire ran .from the camp to the aforementioned radio station X38 q 25X1 C 25X1 C at the ci.p. Local residents said that, about 4 weeks previously, a bridge had been thrown across the river at Parey and was subsequently crossed by infantry, artillery and AT artillery troo_.s. The operation had been protected by AAA troops 3< No Soviet troops were observed in Tairj:grhuette on 15 October, TPilleting equipment was loaded from truc'_cw into a boxcar 25X1 C at the railroad station. Local residents said that several trains were loaded in TangerhuetL .e with bridgge building equipment and pontoons at the end of September and allegedly dispatched to "a'deburg. CLASSIFICATION Si~CZ,T/M T1'OL/L" 01"17ICIA'L`~ Oii1 Y CONFIDENTIAL lia OWULAIM Approved For Release~2000/06/26 : CIA-RDP82-0 Arty?~: ~i^ 4~Y~ c ~ tO?sw5~~ 01-2 ;; -?3cl Approved For k 25X1A Com.ent0 The report indicates no substantial ch;anre report ' her source who sai: that the traininu, to capacity throuFhout October l9'1 and would be 25X1A throughout the .linter. G .lino-':r r the nunber u- troops in the camp at 2,00() on 20 1 the estimate in the present report is f;iven more cri. with previous information by the same sari other so leaving the camp probably belongs to the 10th i'ecz observed in camp traffic belong to the lCth "iecz DI-., Div, headquarters er.frinoer troops and another" head:.: Third Shock Army, headquarters units of both the IX Corps and the 36th iron '?ridge r ic,.t of the GoFC o r:fC c:T/CC7? -s~CT,,/u 0I' 71* ICI;,xL.; ONLY TI AL ?gRgA 2 occupied pied i.-rated o~+ev r, :orresponds 1cles "tz Rifle of the Approved For Release 2000/06/26 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009500350001-2