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November 17, 2016
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June 1, 2000
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November 9, 1951
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25X1A Approved: COUNTRYr r'e Z 0 1 ' TQP1C Mtarv Information frog " agnburp, EVALUATION DATE OF CONT DATE OBTAINED REFERENCES PAGES 2 -ENCLOSURES 25X1X 1, On 11 October 1951, billeting, equipment was unloaded in a section of the T ismarck Kaserne, flaumburg, (?,' 52/3 89). One 122 nr, howitzer and 15 trucks-, 25X1 C were parked in front of a Farago in the bi lotin~? area. About troops were unloading billeting ..quipment from 8 to 10 trucks, in another 25X1.C ?:oction of the billeting, area, the installation 25X1X cu.artered two different units. A fragment of an array letter found at the nstallatiori on 4 October was dated September 1951 arid written by a soldier of Unit 25X1 C 2, On 12 October, a strong advance party had arrived in 25X1 C the Barbara Kaserne. Truck was identified in the billeting area. 25X1 C (2) An advance party also sees ed to have arrived in the `Iubertus Kaserne there trucks were i::entified. (3) However, no changes were observed with the Bluecl?er Kaserne and the Hindenburg Kaserne. is. letter, which was found at the Hindenburg Kaserne on 21~ iel t^.ribc?r, was 25X1 C in Yavorov, Lvov Oblast, who wrote "Creeti.ngs from the trop ; training ground: Z an doing pine and spend the. time F wily. I often r ceive town leave and I an no 1enl*o:' under the restrictions Which prevailed in the Zone of Occupation. 011.1-s are plentiful here There are also many of r;y countrymen and thus my time here is by no means monotonous." is mentioned in the letter. (I~ j 25X1 C 3. Rte 0 women cleaned the rooms of the Schvarzes Ross, hotel. The proprietor of the hotel had been evicted. The five houses on F:rochlitzerstrasse, which vere previously reported to have been requisitioned, wore occupied by Ruest women, 25X1A (1) 25X1A 25X1 C Comments. I e i:. orr.:a 1,on from the Bisr: arck K tone does not indicate whether the units of the XXIX Ods T`tz Rifle C%ps quartered there prior to the period spent at the troop tra' ni area had returned to the installation. See 25X1X report, the first unit Delon?rs to the 38th AT Arty Brig, and the second to the GOI0G. CLASSIFICATION E Ot;t1nt0L/U Oil CL LS OiiL+1 Document No. ____4011 ------------- No Chance In l Deciassified Anti:.: tai 7r?2 Date: (LO-AM 478 By: -a t/ Approved For Release 2000/06/26 : CIA-RD Approved For Relea" ]..i C METE I 25X1A 7,0/Q' 0/(My',~261: CIA-R(DP82-00457 J.i 02-1 (2) A radio company of the 27th Gds Dra of the ; X Gds .?1; ,i t' t ;erps, which is stationed in the Damara Kaserner was seen by rt >,.'rce ( ) When it i..cved into the installation on 13, October 19551.. Trucks belcnp ing to the components of" the 655th )tow Ar j 57th Cris 1 tz Rifle Div which are stationed in the the Iluhertu's Kaserrie on either side of Fle =minger V,e a 25X1 C(4) . assigned to tha 3Iq 7th Gds Utz Rifle Div Kaserneo API'1 357O5' belwq-,ed to the 131st Tank Br'i ; of in ':',"orld ;ar 11 The cor s was redesi t d th enhurg 25X1A Corps ., p t,na o e IV Cc s January 1,043,. and has 7,artilcip ated as the 4th Ods Tank d1. v G Day parade held in W'oscew since the war:-0 There have been no .;.z~dicc:t, ,ns that a 17"Sh Tank Div - has been reactivated after the war, sE01A,T/C0:1TR0L/1Js CFFICT V, 0;'.LY CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/06/26 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009500350002-1