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November 17, 2016
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June 1, 2000
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November 9, 1951
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EVALUATLOF DATE OF CON DATE OSTAINE REFERENCES RACES... ? ENCLOSURES 25X1X 25X1X la At the beginning of September and October l951, the Soviet an....unition depot at .4ulkow was 010801Y guarded by the guard unit, 25X1 X which, had IL50 men. The depot em- ployed 60 to 00 Germans, mostly women. The depot's notor pool was lo- cated in r+ulkow Castle. On 1 October, truck_ with supply was 25X1 C seen driving to the castle from the direction of Schoenebor , The service station and repair shop were located at .:ulkozv state where an unusually large number of officers were seen. Jeep was parked in front of 25X1 C the estate. Trucks were seen at the installation at the beginning of September. 25X1 C 2. According to available information, arraunition is inspected and cleaned at the depot rather than being l:ianufactured. AA railroad official stated one train with artillery ariunition would arrive at the depot about ever,-, veek0 After ' :eing processed, the ammunition is shipped out again. The last ob- served shipment of artillery a 1.nmu- -i tion which arrived at the depot was on a train of 60 to CO axles, which arrived from a~ranl,f urt/Odor between 23 and 30 September. A ship;aunt, which arrived prior to that date, came from Kucstrin.-=< 25X1A Cor :_,ant0 The information confirms the large Soviet ammunition depot at ..ulkow in U ho area of the Second Gds I.iecz Army, The subordination of the depot cannot be determined, nor can that of the ammunition depot at I1ohon- 25X1 A leipisch. . The present report indicates that, ;ulkow is also receiving large quantities of ammunition. According to reports or. rail movements, which are incomplete, an average of 14 carloads of atmunition arrived at the depot in ..ull.ow daily during the second half of September 1951. 25X1 A Unit training is ending, and therefore the current con-- surmption of ammunition by the troops will considerably decrease and, the large amounts of incoming ammunition will probably be stored. An exact -interpre- tation of the increase of incoming ammunition shipments is difficult as the figures for last year are not available for comparison. '-iorrever, it may be the usual fall storage of ammun.U.on? the motor vehicles belong to the 12th Gds Tank Div of the Second dds Army, the 25th Tank Div of the Fourth Gds "ecz Arrr and to the Pear Services of the Third Gds .Iecz Army. La T/Cc.;_' vUL/US oviCLU O ? Y CLASSIFICATION Document No. j too Change In Class. ------ [] DecIassifQd CIass. CkangnI Tc: s s %C Auth.: II ~ I A roved For Release 2000/06/26 ? CIA-RDP Q457 A 0 0003 I . k Approved For ReleasaQ26 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009500350003-0 U, it ~,'r :F, A i ~C/a 4T ?1/1111 2 25X1A 25X1A %~: Coument? It is still undotcrriined whether er r a tion is stored at .,'ulIcow, as was stated by so'urc-,= ''.t is note- wor?thy0 No reports on rail movements have lis ,-Fr .' :'k from , ulkow to other antinun?i tion depots, therefore, source r the depot at .+ulkow is a transient depot, does not appe :. Approved For Release 2000IS2J 4 IA-RDP82-00457R009500350003-0