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November 17, 2016
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June 1, 2000
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November 9, 1951
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COUNTRY"'ar`r (Uoviet Z_:;ne).~._ ------ ---REPORT NO. TOPIC Soviet Supply Installations in Burgstaedt and P:artersdorf EVALUATION DATE OF CO DATE OBTAI REFERENCES ~.. ~.~.~.. ~..,.',. ~. PAGES 2 ENCLOSURES (No. & T'p ) REMARKS 1. the following shipments leaving the Soviet surely depot. at Bur staedt between early August and nid.Ser;tember 1951: Bed linen on trucks 25X1C tc'w?.war hennitz; bed linen, which had been hauled to the railroad station on truck and loaded25X1C on a boxcar which was coupled to a pas8sn er train Mound for Leipzig. 2-nt L .~. About 1.,20_ pair of boots in about 60 boxes on two boxcars. The boots were hauled to the railroad station on trunk 25X1C , The railroad shippindocument bore the inscription "To Berlin-Berrnau, 1.'ain De,:ot I".0* 2. Thirty soldiers with new uniforms arrived at Bur gstaedt railroad station on an express train from Chernnitz on 25 July and then went to the motor vehicle repair shop at s 25X1C 25X1C tovi rd Chemnitz on 19 august 1951; and. about 6 j boxes v:Tith medicines on a boxcar, which left on 12 September. The medicines were hauled to the railroad station on truck 25X1C . The railroad shirping docwu_zent bore the *inscription "To Berlin-Bernau, '.?ain Depot I-r" . *>x* Lo CLASSIFICATION SLCP~?.T.COTITROL/US 07 ICT:.LS 0ITLJY CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/06/26 : CIA-RDP82-004 Document No. ____" -_ ---------- '/o Change In (11-% I LJ f3e:cla,sbl;ed Class. Ctz rr4r# :`~ : / C f A u th.: F l 73-2 -~--~ 71EW99&E4~d_- Ir ?:___ Approved For Release 2000/06/26 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009500350004-9 tp 1;~l ON, SI;C1 _T-C0:,TRoL/trs cF_ LCT:i~,S ~~LY CoNjent. The information confirm t.hc- 25X1C ero of the Eighth Gds Arrr1y, at riicd-3ertelnber 195lo The installation is of the Deuta plant on iTarsc'rmers-trase .nkI the former Land;=irtsc~ 'tl she Genossensc z 25X1A association! The ,it otor vehicles belong to of the Li ;hth Gds array and the 13th .r .A1 )iv * The information confirms the 25X1C ;nark of the Li hth Gds &-%r; y, , on t ;.a Groma typewriter factory, T"ar.ke_rsd orf, :xzt, l fi 30 soldliers, who arrived, are believed to c,av, truck belon,-,s to a he:adcnarters unit of the accord in to previour n."oxna .t,ion, oir:yet ;_ n : _, recruits until the end of July The 40 troopps s t s v n ; the depot e s n to the ti p ~ a i for denobi ' z itt i T3 ., "ere shirped to the rocecsinr; car, .,t Jueterbo-:, fr?ori where they *.** 111111M Comment,, The in crl'atic?n conf :+ rr's t%ir. c;irie nedical depot 25X1C of the Li. hth G s armmy, : r3 the orrer ,ilk-spinning r1 ll Hartu a lr ersdo r The trucks belong to iieadnuarterS unV;s of the 3.~i hth Gds `Irmy. t., SEC1..'. -C0T}TI1OL tUS l') FFT