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November 16, 2016
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March 21, 2000
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January 7, 1952
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-r1VIE.a. ~s~e~'2!'/O IG R009500~7N0, A fried For Relea I R A11 O REPORT cr >un SL,;'i3JEt i Cc,Tr,r?unity of Sac,, Bitolj District DATE OF ~.T 25X1A ,ATE t AS R' 7 Jan 52 NO. OF PAGES 1 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. The community of Bac, which was formed in 1950, is comprised of the follow ng villages: Germija with 80 families, Bac with 250 families, 3rod. with 250 families, Zivojna with 200 families, Sovic with 120 families, and Dobroven with 150 families, The population of the community is Orthodox :;except for about 28 Moslem families in Germija0 ;t?:vc~ Solakov is the Political Commissar of the 30-member Communist Party c oil in Gef"'rnij a o the collective in Germija was established in the fall of 1948 and member- ship in it was compulsory0 In 1948 the collective had about 6,000 sheep, but. at the end of August 1951 it had only 1,600 sheep and 100 cattle, The collective has a threshing machine and a 15 horsepower Ford tractor. Stables were constructed in 1950, In July 1951 .almost all the members of the collective asked to withdraw, 'lut their requests were refused by Boris Gicev,, the chairman of the collective,, The members were told that there was no possibility of with drawing from the collective and those who attempted to leave would be ,~..rrested and persecuted, Germija is about 1,000 meters from the Greek border, and about 100 meters south of Gernmija there is a KNOJ Border Guard blockhouse with a unit of 20 men,, In early August 1951 the lignite coal mine in Zivonja was closed,, The miners were sent to various Macedonian coal mines, and the forced laborers were sent to Bitolj a The traffic on the small g auge railroad has also atopped.a CLASSIFICATION {ki 'fit p7AW M.'if1B >C FM (i.?1 1t ~t+ vU i 'lsii ~1~'j: AT, 25X1A 156 CONFIDENTIAL DISTRIBUTION Approved For Release 2000/05/22 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009500480002-7