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November 17, 2016
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June 1, 2000
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December 5, 1951
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~ fFAX 1$ ' Approved For Release 2000/06/26 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009500520006-8 CLASSIFICATION J;..l..i CENTRAL 1 0 0 'NC REPORT NO. INFORMATION REPORT CO NO, COUNTRY Chile SUBJECT Possible Eithdrawal of Arturo Matte Candidacy PLACE ACQUIRED DATE DISTR. NO. OF PAGES NO OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELO 5 December 1951 SUPPLEMENT TO INFO. 21 - 22 November 1951 r.. A r,I'n_r .fir," I I A -rr- REPORT 140, 25X1X L The following conversation between leading Liberal Party Sera.l.or Eduardo Aless-,arfiri and Chile&.n nitrate magnate and newspaper executive Osvaldo de Castro s' rel,,.1'Cive to the possible withdrawal of the presidential candidacy of Liberal Senator Arturo Matte Larrain, throws a new light on the Chilean presidential question. while it has been generally conceded in high political circles thatMatteas candidacy is lacking in popular appeal, his withdrawal would come as a surprise to most Chileans. His candidacy has commanded'the support of about 80% of the Chilean press,. has been liberally supplied with funds, and has appeared to be well en- trenched., It is believed that considerable credence can be given this conver:ation9 inasmuch as A.lessandri. in addition to being a senator and leader in the Liberal Party,, is Matte's brother-in---law. De Castro is a director of the powerful forth Chilear newspaper chain Lamm res. Periodistica del Norte, which has been supporting Matte. de Castro; "I was talking with Arturo (Matte?) and explained everything to him."" de Castro: "In the United States I talked with several capitalists who know our situation well, and there is a great deal of pessimism,, I have reached the painful conclusion that it is impossible to maintain the candidacy of Matte. That is why the Party has not helped financially., and Arturo has carried the whole weight,-, There are other very powerful reasons which I learned in the United States and 0'ich I will tell you later." Alessandri; "Bade And the newspapers?" de Castro: "The organization decided to shut down La 221nion of Santiago and Valparaiso,, as it cannot continue like that., L a2 :.nio i. of Santiago is losing 450,000 pesos per month.," r ,~~G ~;ar x~flv1 s 13 PIS1'RIBtITION ]XiljAIR fA MY CBB Approved For Release 2000/06/26 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009500520006-8 Approved For Release 2000/06/26 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009500520006-8 C0p,F Y.' .~ies sorndri ?c "There' m.1ust be, so:.e s of 111j`,on to th:9. y.., I worn to tlh eri ;s t': in order to talk? . 11 de rC strc~M "". e :ill.. continue with i lc bate meenwhiie, ao it r~oes r.7a4 pause a loss beep-use i.' has sts.l1 :f Orm t and the people read it 7Feore p ll 22 Lov+emtber 1951 con rersi,t'j.tan betarcen de C!stro F,nr: r?' unidentified incur- versetion? _- -s Unknowns "Is the as bAd as _,Cv? rdo (periv ps : less,:,risr i) told me?" do w%'st""Yost b'rf,8 w1111',- shut c-o'.n w i:n its " will pr 1k' C9,me! out i '.0r'Te'' .t::r", Course it _4.12, n~- i a.,iher_ 1 . ' a 'P ' Y.1&'":' ;r ?;C) Y,hut c o.a tL c Cr Unknown,- "It is e-e ,Pity' 't l,,t he hr s i3ut Micro are "oltorfat..l reasons ?? "" ao C r stro a "r f'1 y~ mVW trip I ~.;~ itreJ. 1 01P'V' of ~ + lay GPC. .k.,^s~l~,' SV ..g ~11 :~~7Y C.b Air ,-. fI i.}2'Y':?C}Xtp. ?' s 1!c"? y' ;rLor1 of .!a11 "`s-1.v'..+, Cal ."..`Gs 1. +1 `. to ,.;) rt it ortt:. ct, . ;, t h at ti, '~.uo '': Lo I `]7' T # ; e ?Ai''.teas, Govern : ent to t c effect of loons .:.overt' 1 Aent-?'to ov,, xr 3:7A~:iti , becr'1 se Chile k' , creezit c r- 1 acit' I .; cur nlet.eiy ti Len up,, as well :,,s her _+ :ort.`~ zatL)n ryry i ciyt V .. ~4 .1. 1nUti~ } which is 20,J,, In ^lr oe c, ` this kind. o ' onns 1 h 'vc. be,;un to exle iuraffe investa(tcnts of private c< '?itsi for u.nuer develop} d countries -like But this c':pitrl