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December 14, 2016
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January 8, 2001
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December 20, 1951
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11:ELLOFAproved For Release 2001/~ ? CIA-RDP82-00457R009600160011-1 CLASSIFICATION ~c' ~ 4-jMTj".%'T am rne, rcin.LS 01 125X1 A riiY? CENTRAL INTaLIGENCE AGENCY __ 'REPORT NO. NFOR A`N'ION REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY Germ ny (Russian Zone) SUBJECT Russian Main Supply Depot at 25X 1 A Frankfur t/Otter DATE DISTR. 20 December 1951 NO. OF PAGES 3 0. OF ENCLS. SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 25X1X 10 The following supply shipments arrived a H.u , y depot at Frankfurt/ Oder between 29 September and 11 October 1951: Number of Rail- road Cara '"? 29 September 1 3 30 September 9 5 1 October 15 10 2 2 October 9 2 2 3 October 10 1 October 1.~3 5 October 1. 6 1 10 6 October 10 9 October 2 2 6 10 October, CarCo sugar herrings salt buckwheat noodles flour salt salt makhorka * peas flour flour rnarthorka * vegetable oil. meat peas veuetable oil toast ** toast ** makhorka * groats Dispatching Station. :rurzen Leipzig Stassfurt rest.-Litovsk 11eidenau ''Iurzen Stassfurt Stass.furt Brest Litovsk , urzen liesa ::urzen 3rect Litovsk +ittenberge Leipzig '-;urzen .iittenberge Dresden Bur ; Drest Litovsk STATE NAW yC NSFEa - - - JAftkY # AMR r F$1 Approved For Release 2001/03/06 - 4510(600160011-1 Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009600160011-1 SECRET/CONTROL .. U. S. OFFICIALS ONLY 25X1 A CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY -2?? Number of Rail- Car' o 3 Us tch Station road ,arrs ' __-._o-.. .._..,...,.~ ~. , .. ,..~ 3-1 October 1 10 3 20 Outgoing Sh rmentsa meat,, buttery lards bacon flour canned meat d r en 8 z~= .berstadt. it umber of F . E M2 Itecoiv?irt_Station 'r mc G~re 29 September 12 30 September 10 2 October 10 4 October flour Ko en flour ;~uvnsdc~rf flour Trfurt 3 groats L'berswalde 2 peas IEber , rralde I flour 'xberswalde 1 rice Eborswalde 5 salt r ers';ralde I fish Ebersralde 7 noodles %,bor;,wvalde 5 October 10 flour .,rfurt SuGar Eberswaldo 1 malchorka, a Eberswalde 3 ve;etable oil. 'f rswaide 1 tea,rnustard Ebersyalde powder, pepper subaUtUU 6 October 8 October 2 peas Lieberose 2 vegetabl oil Lieberose I groats Lieberose I toast *s Lieberose 11 flour Erfurt 14 flour Erfurt 2 vegetable oil. Erfurt 2 maldrarira e~ Erfurt I tea ?;rfurt 1 buck hoat : rfu rt I mustard ponder,,, rrfurt p.pps aubstitut Frfuait vinegar cuits 10 flour Jueterbog 2 toast Jucterbog 2 sugar Jueterbog I buckwheat Juotcrboa 3 t iakchorka Jueterbog 2 toriatc pulp Jueter'bog 3 Vegetable oil lueterbog 1 rnatch'esry y Juyy}e0terboc i kh Vb.` 61~. Dr ~-Satzkorn Approved For el~ase1'~30=~-182-004578009600160011-1 Approved For Rel 12 October p.$19(bf 8009600160011-1 di" i~ ,,,,y?~~1n ~ r CENTRAL INT~LI 7401CY 25X1A Number of Rail- Caro D s atch' : tata.9 road Cars 14 flour Juetorhop 8 flour Juetorbog 2 groats Jug: ter bog 10 noodles Jueterbog 10 flour TJuen dorf 11 dour .Jrfu t 2 peas 171rfUXt h sear Erfurt 2 toast !;rfurt 1 canned neat Lieborose 9 groats salt Erfurt I. canned neat Erfurt 3. Forty . field, kitchens arrived at Prankfurt/Oder zdinterhafen (harbor) on 4 October from an undetermined locations Thirty field kitchens were loaded for an undetermined destination on 12 October. V`** C , , A Russian term for an interior type of tobacco. Cemmaents Probably a type of Zwieback. 25X1 C 25X1 A e** Coa_eats The information confirms the 920th Mtn Supply Moots of the GOFG in Frankfurt/od Detailed information on the depot was 25X1A contained in a previous report. For the first time the number of outgoing shipments exceeded that of incoming shipments..- Specificallys 213 carloads of supply, including 121 carloads of flour, were dispatched . and.3A/+ carloads,, including 52 carloads of flours arrived. The flour stock.-Piling program was continued. It is undetermined whether the fact that outgoint shipments exceeded incoming shipments is connected with the decentralization of depots and stocks as was observed with ammunition and fuel depots. 25X1 A e'e C JjSMen~& The depot for field kitchen accessories and mess utensils in Fran 9cfurt 0derWinterhafen (harbor) isknown. that has the numerical l deli 820th 25X1 C 3289, and, probabi1 It s. Supply Depot of the . e naming shipment has not been listed in reports move~nento. The outgoing shipment was listed in a previously report. 25X1A Approved For Rel 103/0.6: CIA-RDP82-00457R009600160011-1 'AL