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December 14, 2016
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January 8, 2001
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January 19, 1952
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o gi1ior Kong/China 1. P 'igea fQr Petroleum Pr?pd.uots, Macao 8. Shipments from Hong Kong to Macao 25X1A ART?DiCTR- NO. OF PAGES 2 NQ. OF EULLS- the st os & of the Nan Kuan Companyl and the suspension of its pur- e ricer ofvarious rades of petroleum and letroleu m. .. .~ uo s rodpadrea in ~l6aoao. in November the price of a 53-gallon - ' ne in Macao was ft l ma of r" o I $150; in the pre oe d ing few months the p~'ice had gdne as high as 250. Diesel oil, which had Qpmma.4ded as high sj f 1.,,700 $2, 000, was se l link in early November for HK 600 per ton. The p' `u`rfan oil had dropped from a maximum of HK $1,400 to HK 1620 ? drum. E. During October 1951 most of the produc{.y being shipped into Macao were viotdiietrao, and 'electrical and op*uni., Lions equipment. The following oar- s arf'id in Macao in late October from Hong Kong: trcr 25 October: 1,500 oatties of water pipe fittin5e, valued at HK $6,300; 10 tons o QQp er bars, costing EK $10,000 plus a 23 percent charge for de1..1ite yj 4 tons of water I2 ipe in 18 and 20 foot lengths, Wt a tot cost of TiK, boxes of radio tragpmitting d divine sets, costing HK $30,000 and weighing 10 tons t(rio); 2j tons of electric cable on one reel and 2 tons of electric cable on, three ree.s, at a total cost of HK $50,000; 100 tires (32 x 6) costing HK $500 'each. 26 October: 50 tons of Belgian steel plates, each measuring 4 feet by 8 fiat., costing $2, 500 per ton; 5 tons of zinc plates, each msasuring 3 feet by 'f feet, costing HK $6.9500; 5 tons of zinc plates, each measuring 3 feet by 6 feet, at a total cost of 8$ $7,230 plus it 27 percent delivery charge; 60 75-pound drums of baking powder; 400 rubber tires; 50 piouls of gal- nize.d wire; 30 trucks, each packed in six crates, costing f $18,000 plus a deliver charge of HK $91000;2 50 tons of oopper bars, oofsting HK 1,150 plus a 75 percent delivery merge; 10 tons of copper wire costing HK $7,000 plus a 37 pWoent delivery charge; 95 tons of steel cables, costing HZ $2,100 plus a 58 percent delivery charge; 60 tons of sheet Approved For Release 2001/03/06: CIA-RDP82-00457R009700060001-2 SECRET/CON TROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A iron, costing HK $2,200; 28 tons of water pipe, costing HK $82,000; 27 tons of water pipe, diameters 1, 2 and 3 inches, costing uK $4,500 plus a 42 percent delivery charge; 36 tires (34'x 7) costing HK $41,400 plus a 28 percent delivery charge; 7 boxes of copper pipe, each box weighing 288 pounds. 28 October: 6 boxes (29" x 23" x 19") of receiving and transmitting sets, each set costing HK $5,000 plus a 31 percent delivery charge;. 375 feet of water tank (sic) pipes, costing HK $8,500 plus a 23-percent delivery charge; 5 tons of copper bars, costing HK $9,000 plus a 21 percent delivery charge; 3 reels of elec- trio cables at a total price of HK $35,000 plus 13 percent delivery charge; a 10-ton lathe, measuring 50 x 40 x 40 inches, costing HK $50,000 plus a delivery charge of HK $16'000. 29 October: 7,500 feet of 4-inch black American water pipe, costing HK t per foot; 14#500 feet of 4-inch black French water. pipe, costing HK $11 per foot; 200 tons of galvanized water pipe, costing HK $4,000 per ton. These pipes had been. purchased by the Shanghai Military Control Commission for the Shanghai Electric Power Company, 181 Nanking Road, Shanghai. 30 October: 14,000 feet of 4-inch water pipe at HK $16 per foot, plus a delivery charge of 45 percent; 99 448-pound drums cf preserva- tive powder at a total price of HK $43,000 plus a 48 percent delivery charge. 1. Comment. The closing of the Nan Kuang Company was reported in M. The resulting drop;.iin Macao prices was featured in the Hong Kong. press in early November. 2. Comment. This is obviously the price for one truck. She reader will notice other instances in this report where, though net stated, the prices given are for cargo units rather than for the entire shipment. Inspection of the figures given indicate the following prices: water pipe, HK $11-$16 per foot, or HK $4,000.$4,500 per ton; copper bars, Fl{ 41,150- 25X1A $1,800 per ton; tires, HK $500-$1.150 apiece. However, reported the price of copper in Macao in.mid-Ootober as HK $10,000 per ton, which makes the price given for the copper shipment on 26 October (HK $1,150) appear to be in error. Possibly the figures for copper should be revised to HK $7,000411,500 per ton. CONFIDENTIA D4, a: Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP82-00457R00970006O001=2-_