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December 19, 2016
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August 16, 2006
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December 18, 1951
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Vt"' _.%,'4pproved For Release 2006/09/25 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009700100003-5 .~~. CLASSIFICATION SECURITY ilr=11iTIO?s/ CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 25X1 REPOFZI INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY Gerrity (Russian Zone) SUBJECT Rail Freight Traffic via Franl ftwt/Oder PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. "IS DDCIJCRMT CORTAINS ?IWORWATIOrI ASPeCTr1I I TRQ lV*TSO IL DE/LRaR OP TNQ ONITED lTATS5 OU WR TII ALAI IRO OS Ti1L LLPIOSBA5 ACT 5O N. s.6. as AND a8. INS am5ssED. ITS 1RARgUI5 ION OR Tat, RRVLLATIDII OP ITS COSTRWT3 IN ANT 11A0I118 To AA ORAOTRORIPRD P$UQN1 IS PRO MBITLD RV LAW @LPRODOCTION MUM 505:1 IS PRONISITCD., DO NOT CIRCULATEREPOR NO TO THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION /o 25X1 25X1 Russian shipments 25X1 I I crossi rom u y to 4 August znc ed the followings 25X1 25X1 Westb tit,, 25X1 f)a to Number of Oars 3r' Ju] r 13 gondola cars coke Brest Litovsk Gross. Korbetba i1 July 30 gondola cars iron ore 3 gondola cars n (1? ) (1) 28 boxcars military goods Muellrose (2) 32 tank cars n Velten (2) 20 gondola cars iron ore 36 flatcars empty n Ziltendorf Neustrelitz (1) 1 boxcar military goods 4. boxcars II Ketschendorf unknown Jessen 15 boxcars 6 boxcars cotton Brest Litovsk I boatcar bast fibre i boxcar steel wire 24 gWola ears iron ore 7 flatcars DATE C R. 18 Decembear. 1951 NO. Of PAGES 6 rid" Of ENCLS. (1) Approved For Release 2006/09/25 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009700100003-5 Approved For Release 2006/09/25 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009700100003-5 Date Number of -.Cal 49 . Audy 3 boxcars 3 boxcars 3. boxcars it boxcars 2 bazaars 1 boxcar Z . August 2 flatcars 1 boxcar 5 boxcars 31 gondola oars 2 boxcars 2 flatcars 2 flatcars 2 boxcars 8 boxcars 6 boxcars 5 boxcars 4 boxcars 3 August 14 flatcars 3 boxcars 42 boxcars 25 gondola cars 13 boxcars 1 boxcar 5 gondola care 1 flatcar 1 flatcar 4 flatcars 3 gondola oars SEOPM/COMROL r U. S. OFFICIALS ONLT CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY -2- Load From To bronze Brest Litovsk Berlin~- liquor Weissensee n BerlIM. Lichtenb*rg pig iron 0 Franklebea sheet iron Wiederitssch naphthalene Merseburg wheal sets hemp Brest Litovsk Torgau wool Leipzig-441w4 a coke empty alumintu barrels wheel sets Sohlauroth 0 " Weimar fresh eggs Poland Chemnits military goods Brest Litovsk Muellrase tr t0 Eirebmoeser jet air.. craft military goods iron we empty alumirwm barrels shoot iron sectional iron a Sohlanroth Eisleben Merseburg Jensen Q ossenhatn Biesenthal Ziltendorf Merseburg Dessau Sohmoalln Wiederitzsch Leipzig sheet iron a Ammendorf 3'GY'.3EI /COP OL? V -n,."a T. (3) (1) Approved For Release 2006/09/25 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009700100003-5 Approved For Release 2006/09/25 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009700100003-5 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY SECRET/CONTROL ? U.S. OFFICIALS OIL r3u Date Number of -- Care - 1 boxcar 2 bazaars 16 tank oars 1 flatcar 1 gondola car 2 flatcars S flatcars 7 flatcars 3 flatcars I bazaar 26 tank care 13 bazaars 4 Augczst 7 boxcars 16 flatcars 27 gondola care 11 boxcars 27 flatcars 13 gondola cars S bazaars 7 bazaars 3 gondola oars 3 gondola afire 2 flatcars 5 flatcars 1 gondola car 12 boxcars 16 flatcars 20 gondola care 6 boxcars 2 gondola cars 1 gondola car 2 flatcars 1 flatcar 1 gondola car 3 gondola care 10 boxcars Load steel wire roofing sheet metal n sectional iron iron pipes sails for mine railroads eggs empty wool undetermined iron ore cotton pig iron Pig iron sectional iron Iran tubes sectional Iran From To Brest Litovsk Suhl Piesterits Merseburg FIeidenan Vetschau Chemnits Poland Che nits Brest Litovsk Merseburg n Leipzig iron are wool sheet Iran sectional inn wheel sets n sheet iron steel boiler parts military goods Frait/Oder unknown Ziltendorf Dresden Riess (coedits Wiederitsech Cbemnits Ziltendorf Leipsig Dessau Scblauroth Erfurt Grosakorbertba 0 BNA? Hw=fi-T- n n-wx Approved For Release 2006/09/25 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009700100003-5 Approved For Release 2006/09/25 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009700100003-5 2a . Date NNtInber of - 'Lan 31 July 12 : baarcara 1 gondola car -12 flatcars 7 flatcars 47 bazaars 4 flatcars 60 gondola ears 42 bazaars 13 gondola cars- 38 bazaars 6 gondola, cars 2 flatcars 38 bazaars 46 bazaars 38 refrigerator cars 8 flatcars 56 gondola care 25 bazaars 27 tank cars 1 August 45 bazaars 31 bazaars 11 flatcars 11 gondola mars 27 gondola cars 28 flatcars 12 bazaars 5 flatcars 21 gondola eerie 5 tank cars 17 tank cars 17 flatcars 8 gondola cars 46 bazaars 2 August 5 boxcars 13 gondola cars 25 tank cars 56 gondola cis 56 gondola cars CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY SECRET/CONTROL -- Q.S. OFFICIALS ONLY Locus From To undetermined &mnenddorf Brest Litovsk Cellulose unknown machine parts empty a Prefabricated. houses undetermined " Poland military goods Roederau Ruestrinv.border uranium ore unknown Brest Litovsk new Weimar Brost Litovsk Wheel sets . empty unknown gasoline Boehien 7.abinka uranium ore unknown Brest Litovsk undetermined e Poland gasoline Merselzarg Brest Litovsk wheel sets unknown uranium are man M gasoline Boehlen Zabinka empty unknown Brest Litovsk (5) (3) 5) (5) (4) Approved For 9700100003-5 . Approved For Release 2006/09/25 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009700100003-5 Date Number of Care 24 flatcars 9 gondola care 12 refrigerator ears 22 boacars 9 gondola care 9 tank cars 46 boacere 7 gondola cars 56. gondola care 33 boaeare 23 ;gondola cars 41 boxcars 13 gondola cars 23 boa care 32 flatcars 3 August 24 refrigerator care a flatcars 22 gondaJi care 33 tank oars, 45 boxcars 56 gpc-dola cars a bet-cars 16 gondola care f flatcars 4 August 55 gonda?a oars 25 flatcars 5 gondola cars 29 boxcars 12 flatcars 12 gondola cars 40 gondoL a cars 15 boxars 30 ba asra 5 gondola oars 52 bmuoro 3 tan]. care 56 gondola cars Approved F, SloREP/coNTRCL - U.S. MTICULS OW CSNTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGMY ".5- Load F'r'om uadetarmined .unknown prefabricated houses prefabricated " houses undetermined qty a gasoline Boohlen uranium ore unknown ampV 'wheal sets undetermined empty military goods Bernau undetermined unknown empty To Brest Litovsk Poland Brest Litovsk Brent Litovsk a xnsterburg Brest Litovsk: A Tabdnlae- Brent Litovsk Poland Brent Litovsk Poland Brent Litovsk Brent Litovsk RDP82-00457R009700100003-5 (3) (3) 25X1 (?) empty unknown Approved For Release 2006/09/25 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009700100003-5 S RSZ/C,ON tOL .. U.S. o IOTAS ONLY CENTRAL INTLLIGENCE AGENCY 25X1 (1) These shipments are part of the 70 trains leaden with raw materials, reportedly to to dispatched to Eisenhiittenkombinat onto 7uratenberg/Oderr, (3) Reparations deliveries to the USSR and standard..gauge a3des returned tram the Russian border clVesing pout. The Russian-gauge ales required in the USSR are -carried on flatcars. U) Deliveries from Russian Zone ro tion plants to the USSR and returning empttiy 25X1 railroad tank cars. (S, 1eniu are deliveries from the Aug area to the USm. These shipments supplement Or.yi r- (7) Stannderd.gauge freight car axles an route to Ruaarian border crossing points ftr use by the 20,000 German f"raight care returned from the USSR to the Russian Zone CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2006/09/25 : CIA-RDP82-00457R009700100003-5